Best 8 Online Streaming Services and How to Get All in One Package

Streaming services are the best way to watch your favorite stations and movies. They are more reliable and effective as compared to traditional cable systems. The problem is that most people still struggle to compare and find the best streaming TV services. This post will outline some of the best streaming TV services. Ensure to read the details till the end since you will be shown how to get an unbeatable app to get the most exclusive deals at very discounted prices.

What is streaming TV Services?

These services are rendered when TV contents are distributed digitally. It could be in the form of TV shows, movies, sports, news, or other programs. Streaming is becoming more popular as people are beginning to prefer watching their favorite programs on the internet rather than TV. Streaming services are beginning to threaten the existence of satellite and cable television systems. This concept only requires the internet and a device. Streaming channels can either be paid or free, depending on each source. However, some of the best content is offered through paid channels. Below are some of the best streaming TV services you can find on the internet. These will definitely offer you good value for money.

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1 Netflix

Ever since Netflix came into being in 1997, there is no doubt about its popularity. One of the reasons for this is its interesting and engaging TV shows, which have managed to keep subscribers on their seats. These are Elite, You, Stranger, Things, Money Heist, Dark, and many others. Apart from premium programs, Netflix also has 30 days of free trial available. In this case, you are free to explore its channels and programs without any charge. There are different streaming plans you can choose from standard, premium, and basic plans. These internet TV packages attract different prices, though.

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2 Hulu

Hulu has built a reputation amongst its subscribers for delivering nothing short of the best streaming TV services since starting operations in 2007. In case you are searching for some of the best local channels, Hulu ticks all the boxes. These could be NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC, and more. Its premium channels have made it win the heart of over 32 million subscribers. Hulu gives you access to top TV series like Into the Dark, Shirll, or Castle Rock. In case you prefer watching TV shows as compared to movies, the internet TV packages of Hulu are the best.

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3 Home Box Office (HBO)

Home Box Office definitely deserves its place as one of the best streaming TV services on the internet. Its TV shows are not only numerous but also mind-blowing. Imagine having access to over 45 TV shows like Westworld, Game of Thrones, The Wire or The Sopranos. It offers potential subscribers seven days trial via Amazon Prime. Also, there is a discount offered once you decide to go through such a platform. For $14.99/month, you will explore all of your favorite TV shows.

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4 Disney Plus

Walt Disney got tongues wagging when it announced in 2019 about plans to render streaming services. Most people wouldn’t bet against this entertainment giant becoming one of the best amongst others, given its track record of delivering the top content in the past. Disney Plus hasn’t failed to live up to expectations in any way. A proof of this is that it has over 50 million subscribers. These are fans of its different TV shows like The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, High School Musical, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, The Mandalo, and many others. It is amazing to know that accessing these premium shows cost only $6.99/month.

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5 Sling TV

Sling TV has definitely proven to be a streaming giant since coming into existence in 2015. Through its sling blue or sling orange services, subscribers can explore local channels like Fox, Univision, PBS, CBS, and NBC. Another way to explore local channels is via sling free experience. This is possible with the use of an antenna (over the air) and AirTV device. One of its highest packages is around $30/month which is cheap compared to the premium channels it has to offer.

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6 Crunchyroll Premium

Are you a fan of animation programs? Crunchyroll Premium ticks all the boxes in this regard. With this subscription plan, you can watch your favorite programs without ads. Apart from anime, Crunchyroll Premium users can also enjoy some of the best dramas and manga. In case you are wondering whether its price tag of $6/month is worth all the hassle, check out all its premium programs to get convinced. All shows can be streamed in HD too.

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7 Fubo TV

Fubo TV has achieved an unimaginable feat over the years. This is competing with the biggest players in the streaming industry since getting launched in 2015. Apart from streaming live programs, there are also some highly engaging TV shows. Some channels you can explore here are BET Her, American Heroes Channel, BET Soul, CNN International, Telemundo, FOX, CBS, and more. For $79.99/month, its ultra-package gives you over 170 premium channels to enjoy. In case your budget is limited, the standard package which costs $55/month can prove great too.

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8 Amazon Prime 

Given the reputation that Amazon has managed to build in the eCommerce industry over the years, there is no doubt its streaming service doesn’t need any introduction. This is why it became one of the best streaming TV services after being founded in 2005. Today, it has around 150 million users from all over the world. Amazon prime has some benefits that you will hardly experience with other streaming services on the internet. For instance, users have unlimited access to exclusive shopping deals, streaming of music, shows, and videos. You can also get fast shipping for purchases made on the Amazon eCommerce platform. $12.99 is how much you will be charged for using this streaming platform.

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Here is how QEEQ packages can help today

Are you having a limited budget but don’t know how to explore some of the best streaming TV services above? There are lots of ways to cut down your cost and enjoy your favorite programs. This is where QEEQ packages prove to be helpful. It doesn’t really matter whether you are interested in Amazon Prime, Nintendo Switch, Spotify Premium, or Netflix Premium, as all are available at knockdown prices through QEEQ packages. Imagine getting access to all of these at ridiculous prices. Simply get QEEQ Rewards app and enjoy Netflix + Amazon Prime Video + Disney Plus for just $8/month or $49/6 months with their QEEQ & MovieSpy Friends Package.

QEEQ Diamond Membership Account

QEEQ Diamond Membership also offers other packages to adapt to everyone’s needs. If you don’t only love movie streaming but also music and gaming… QEEQ’s 3 Great Deals in 1 Package (Netflix Premium + Spotify Premium + Nintendo Switch) will make the wonders of anyone from just $6/month or $39/6 months. This will enable you to have an unrestricted annual membership to QEEQ deals at discounted prices and 6 months of access to Amazon Prime, Nintendo Switch, Spotify Premium, and Netflix Premium. Furthermore, this subscription gives you access to valuable gift cards (Sam’s clubs). Do you love the idea of shopping on Amazon?

Access to digital courses

QEEQ Rewards packages also help you enjoying e-courses and digital learning without paying anything extra. It means you only need to pay a one-time fee of $6/month ($39/year) to have access to internet TV packages, discounts on Amazon, and premium online courses. These are courses that address various topics like Basketball, Hip Hop, drone learning, substance painter, and Photoshop.

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You have the chance to take your streaming experience to another level, which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. The size of your budget doesn’t matter as this can happen with the huge discounts made available through QEEQ packages from the QEEQ Rewards app. Take advantage of it while it lasts.

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