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Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

When you are searching for a job on the internet, the chances are that you are desperate to believe any claim that most companies make. This can bring about frustration, especially once you can’t seem to find the right company. The major aim of this Pouted online magazine post is to reveal 50 genuine websites that have built a solid reputation in helping people search for jobs.

1 eFinancial Careers

eFinancial Careers is one of the best around when it comes to helping people find their dream jobs. One of the benefits of signing up with this company is the fact that its database is huge. You can search for jobs according to location and fields. With over 23,000 job opportunities available in disciplines like technology, accounting, banking, and finance, you can’t get it wrong with this site.

efinancial-careers-website-screenshot-675x332 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

2 Healthcare Job Site

In case you plan to work in any of the healthcare fields in the US, this is one site that can meet your needs without any compromise. The healthcare jobs available here are more than 500,000 which is quite impressive. One of the benefits of using this site is how members are allowed to have their own career portfolios.

healthcare-Job-screenshot-675x396 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

3 Betts Recruiting

Betts Recruiting has been into the business of helping companies grow since 2009. It does this by recruiting the best hands-on their behalf. If you are into the field of business development, and marketing sales, this is the best option you can explore today in order to get your dream job. This company can help you search for jobs across the US very fast.

Betts-Recruting-screenshot-675x350 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

4 Big Interview

Pamela Skillings is one of the brains behind the formation of this company, which does something different from the others listed above. For instance, it helps you get adequately prepared for interviews to easily get jobs without breaking a sweat. You get access to interview sessions that are engaging and interactive.

Big-Interview-screenshot-675x365 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

5 Workology

Jessica Miller-Merrell happens to be the founder of this popular website. There is no doubt that given her experience on job hunting over the years, she can help you gain an unfair advantage over others. This site is unique given that you will be exposed to lots of facts about the corporate world. You will find useful tips about getting your dream job.

workology-screenshot-675x352 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

6 Boomer Job Tips

Job hunting can be very complicated and frustrating, most especially once you’ve tried over and over without any tangible success. In case you are searching for the right knowledge about how to nail your dream job, this is one site to follow regularly. The tips shared are valuable and can help you out. There are lots of posts on various topics like interviews, resumes, career tips and more.

Career-Pivot-screenshot-675x344 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

7 Career Bliss

Without job satisfaction and feelings of self-fulfillment, your present job isn’t going to lead you anywhere. With Career Bliss, you will get tips that can make you experience true happiness in your current job. It also exposes you to companies that can help you become happy while doing your job. It is a unique company indeed.

Career-Bliss-screenshot-675x385 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

8 Jobs On The Menu

Are you dreaming about working in a restaurant in the United States? Do you know that with a site like Jobs On The Menu, such a dream can easily become a reality today? This site has jobs for chefs, restaurant hostesses, managers, servers, and more. You don’t need any special knowledge about IT to find your dream restaurant job.

Jobs-on-the-Menu-screenshot-675x333 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites
Jobs On The Menu website

9 Crunchboard

The technology industry is quite competitive. Trying to get a job without the help of a reputable company may prove difficult than you have imagined. There is no need to bother as Crunchboard can help out. The best part about this site is that you can find jobs in various countries around the world. In other words, it isn’t limited to the US alone.

Crunchboard-screenshot-675x627 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

10 Dice

Dice is another company which caters to the need of those searching for IT-related job opportunities. Its database is really huge and you are always guaranteed to find different types of IT-related jobs. If you are very passionate about IT, this is one option to consider. You will be receiving job alerts whenever new jobs are posted on its database.

Dice-screenshot-675x354 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

11 USA Jobs

This website is owned and operated by the United States government. It is a perfect place to find federal government positions that are available. You will only be eligible to apply for available jobs by registering and getting your resume filled. This site also notifies you of upcoming events, which may bring about employment opportunities.

USA-Jobs-screenshot-675x392 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites
USA Jobs Website

12 Behance

Are you creative enough to start something that can bring in cash on a consistent basis? This is what the Behance platform is basically all about. It is a place where people meet to make money through their creativity and innovation. The field could be graphic design, website development, photography, etc. The benefit of this site is that you have the opportunity of being your own boss.

Behance-screenshot-675x327 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

13 Idealist

The jobs you will find on this site are sourced from non-profit making establishments. In case you have got a passion for helping others without expecting anything in return, this may just be the right platform for you. A great part about this site is the fact that it can help you build your portfolio before applying for bigger positions.

idealist-screenshot-675x332 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites
Idealist Online Job site

14 Talentzoo

The job opportunities here are over 80,000. The best part is that they are updated on a regular basis. The positions you will find here are those related to websites, design, advertising, and marketing. If you are creative enough, applying for one of the positions advertised won’t be a bad idea. Jobs can be searched by location, company, title and posting date.

talentzoo-screenshot Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

15 Jobs In Logistics

The field of transportation is evergreen with lots of job opportunities in areas like inventory management, purchasing, manufacturing, freight forwarding, warehousing, supply chain, and more. This is a platform where employers are connected to the right people they are searching for. The benefit of using this platform is that it partners with some of the best brands in the transportation industry such as Yusen Logistics, XPO Logistics Inc., Pilot Freight Services, Pathmark Transportation, Agility Logistics, and others.

Jobs-in-Logestics-screenshot-675x348 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

16 Enternships

Rajeeb Dey is the founder of this popular website who happens to be a graduate of Oxford University. The target audience is young graduates as well as students. These people are connected with internships in order to gain further experience in their respective fields.

Enternship-screenshot-675x388 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

17 Escape The City

Escape the city was founded in 2009 by Dom Jackman and Rob Symington. This site addresses the needs of those in fields like finance, law, and banking. It will help you get a career that is fulfilling.

ESC-website-screenshot-675x346 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites
Escape The City Job Website

18 Evil HR Lady

Evil HR Lady is a popular and reputable blog owned by Suzanne Lucas who gives valuable tips on career-related subjects. In case you have any questions about your career and would like to get professional answers/advice, Susan’s blog is the right place to be in.

Evil-HR-Ladies-screenshot-675x553 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites


Are you a student who wants to acquire more experience in your course of study? Do you want an entry-level job but don’t know where to start from? There is no need panicking as is a site that can meet your needs. This site has always been a huge database for various entry-level jobs.

Experience-screenshot-675x470 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites Job Website search

20 Flex Jobs

Most job searching websites usually cater to the needs of people searching for full-time jobs. Flex Jobs is different, given that it helps you find remote jobs like freelancing and telecommuting roles. The jobs you will find can be done at your own convenient time. There is a monthly subscription fee to be paid, though.

Flex-Jobs-screenshot-675x354 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

21 Sales Gravy

While most websites may be interested in displaying job opportunities in fields like technology, health, law and others, sales is unique. This website targets sales experts and also offers job opportunities. If you want to become a sales professional, subscribe to its valuable training lessons.

Sales-Gravy-screenshot-675x349 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites
Sales Gravy Online Job Search Website

22 Mediabistro

Mediabistro offers various job opportunities that you can take advantage of today. Simply put, the jobs displayed here are related to communication or media. These could be social media roles and others. The networking opportunities that this website also offers shouldn’t be taken for granted. They are trade shows, boot camps, online conferences and events.

MB-screenshot-675x360 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

23 Mashable

Mashable is a website which has become very popular over the years due to its trendy subject matters that usually attract the attention of its loyal followers. However, most people aren’t aware of the fact that it can also function as a platform where jobs are posted. You will find digital gigs to get started. It also offers you the chance of creating an impressive resume online.

Mashable-Job-Board-screenshot-675x319 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites


If you are a journalist and would like to get a better job, this is the right website to check out. The jobs you will find here are from various locations and countries. They are related to journalism.

Journalism-Jobs-screenshot-675x350 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

25 IEEE Job Site

Just as the name sounds, IEEE Job Site is a platform where you can search for your dream engineering job. It has some tools that can help you build a great engineering resume without stress.

IEEE-Job-Site-screenshot-675x398 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

26 Get Hired

Get Hired is a site that has been built to primarily target employers. It is not the traditional site where jobs are posted for people to start applying. Rather, it helps employers to conduct interviews in a seamless manner using audios and videos. You can also search for jobs based on locations. It is the complete job search website.

Get-Hired-screenshot-675x381 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

27 Give A Grad A Go

There is a gap existing between recruitment agencies, digital job boards and university career services. Give A Grad A Go is existing to bridge such a gap. Candidates will register on the site and apply for job opportunities of their choice. They will be provided with regular updates about various job openings.

Give-A-Grade-A-Go-screenshot-675x348 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

28 GlassDoor

GlassDoor is a company that connects people with their dream employees. It is more like a social networking platform where employees and employers meet. This site has been very helpful to people over the years; it has helped them develop their careers.

Glassdoor-screenshot-675x453 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

29 Hoojobs

Hoojobs is a website that helps people in the US to find their dream jobs. The vacant positions you will find here are related to communications, social media, and public relations. Firms are paying to get jobs listed on this site which is a proof of how genuine it is.

hoojobs-screenshot-675x334 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

30 Indeed

Indeed operates just like Google search engines. Jobs are posted and you search for them. What you will find here are various categories of jobs. Just type in the keywords related to the job vacancy you are looking for and the city. After that, hit the “Find Jobs” button and results will be displayed.

indeed-screenshot-675x435 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

31 Snagajob

Snagajob is one of the most active job search websites on the internet. For instance, the job vacancies posted in one month is up to 500,000, which is an impressive record. With a site like this, you don’t have to search elsewhere for your dream job.

Snagajob-screenshot-675x337 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

32 ZipRecruiter

The idea behind ZipRecruiter is innovative, and it really deserves some credit from job searchers. As you are applying for jobs using this site, it has advanced technology in place to learn about the jobs that you prefer the most. You will be receiving notifications about jobs that match your past searches. It is similar to taking note of your browsing habit.

Zip-Recruiter-screenshot-675x544 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

33 Ladders

Ladders is a reputable company that you want to be part of. It has over 20,000 recruiters (verified) that are in search of talented individuals. The jobs that you will find here are more than 250,000. The best part is that they have all passed through screening and verification. You will also learn how to craft cover letters and resumes from this site.

ladders-screenshot-675x373 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

34 CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder is another top job search site you should follow. Apart from carrying out operations in the US, you will find it in over 20 countries around the world. Its monthly visitors are over 20 million. You don’t only search for jobs as they can also be saved.

Career-Builder-screenshot-675x356 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

35 Craigslist

Most people believe that craigslist is all about selling used items. This site goes beyond such activities as you can also search for vacant positions on it. It doesn’t really matter whether they are part-time or full-time jobs as you will always find your dream job. You can search based on countries and cities which makes it one of the largest job search sites on the internet.

Craigslist-screenshot-675x379 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

36 Career Match

Inside Jobs’ function goes beyond that of a conventional job website. For instance, its mission is majorly to help people figure out careers that they would like to pursue in life. In case you are confused about which career to follow, this may just be the right site that can help you out today. Simply put, Career Match is a career finding website.

Chegg-Career-Match-screenshot-675x538 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites


In case you are searching for internship jobs, this is probably one of the most reputable sites online. These opportunities are available in various fields like accounting, marketing engineering, and others. You can even search by location.

Internship-screenshot-675x360 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

38 InternQube

The major aim of InternQube is to help students develop the needed skills in their respective areas of disciplines. The best part about this site is that it can be accessed freely. This means you don’t have to bother about paying before getting access to its valuable tips on career development.

InternQube-screenshot-675x345 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

39 Way UP

Way Up started operations in 2014. It tends to target college as well as graduate students. It works by allowing job candidates to get their profiles filled out online. After that, such profiles will be matched with vacant jobs that have been posted by recruiters. There is also a mobile app that you can download and install to get the latest updates.

WayUp-screenshot-675x372 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

40 Intern Queen

With Intern Queen, every student can get access to internship positions without any stress. The employers, students, and parents on this site’s database are over 80,000. It is proof that the website is quite active. You will also get tips on how to develop in your field over the course time.

Internships-screenshot-675x424 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

41 LinkedIn

LinkedIn is probably one of the most trusted websites on the internet where you can find jobs. You are not only allowed to build your professional network but can also connect with millions of registered members. It is a popular job board you should consider exploring.

linkedin-screenshot-675x351 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites


Although this isn’t a free website, it is worth all the hassle. This is because it has been able to earn lots of positive reviews from people in the past. There is a section for employers while another section is meant for job seekers.

Upward-screenshot-675x359 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

43 Art Jobs

Are you passionate about getting a job in the field of arts? Do you know that a website like Art Jobs makes it very easy? The jobs posted here are directly related to art.

Art-Jobs-screenshot-675x499 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

44 Dribbble

This is probably one of the most creative platforms on this list. In this website, you will find various portfolios that are displaying artworks. If you are good at creating those stunning designs, this is a great place to start.

dribbble-screenshot-675x351 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

45 Sensational Jobs

This is a website that displays various jobs in the field of information technology. These could be website development, website programming, graphic designing, software engineers and more.

Sensational-Jobs-screenshot-675x483 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

46 Hire Horticulture

The jobs displayed here are related to horticulture. These could be Garden Center Manager, Landscape Account Manager, Fine Garden Maintenance Technician, Landscape Designer, Turf & Plant Health Care Technician, and more.

Hair-Horticulture-screenshot-675x426 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

47 Bridgespan

Bridgespan is a site where you will find jobs posted by non-profit organizations. It is a great place to get a job that can help you acquire the needed experience to be a professional in your chosen field.

Bridge-Span-screenshot-675x433 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

48 Jobs match skills

This is a job search site that is majorly catering to the needs of people in the IT industry. There are lots of vacant IT positions that you can apply for here.

Jobs-Match-Skills-screenshot-675x383 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

49 Legal Staff

Legal staff is probably a leading website amongst others in the legal industry due to its huge database. If you have some qualifications in the legal field, this is one website to constantly follow.

The-Association-Career-Network-Legal-Jobs-screenshot-675x431 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

50 Instawork

In case you’ve got some talent about how to work in a restaurant, Instawork is a great platform to showcase such. This is probably one of the most popular websites where jobs related to restaurants are posted on a regular basis. It operates like an app where talented people are connected with top restaurants.

Instawork-screenshot-675x362 Best 50 Online Job Search Websites

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