6 Best Note Management Software Products on Mac

Note-taking software products can be a useful tool for any user who is constantly struggling to memorize some facts. These apps are simple tools allowing you to write down some entries with ease. To make sure that the App Store is overwhelmed with these apps, it is enough to view the number of all offers. Unfortunately, not all of them deserve attention. This review is devoted to the best software products allowing you to make records on the go.

1 OneNote

This is a number one tool for students or business owners. This note-taking app allows users to create to-do lists, plans, or organize thoughts with ease. Originally, this is a part of the Microsoft Office Suite. The application offers different section tabs, which will help you keep your plans and lists organized. You can create a new entry, or adjust the existing ones (the application allows you to begin typing everywhere on a page). If necessary, it is also possible to add sketches, videos or audios. OneNote is a flexible and cross-functional tool, which is in great request amongst modern users.

OneNote 6 Best Note Management Software Products on Mac

2 Alternote

This note taking app was designed specifically for the needs of Mac users. It caters to the needs of those who need a simple tool, allowing them to make fast records on the go. The functionality of this app is similar to well-known Evernote.

Alternote has a simple and non-cluttered interface, allowing you to be focused on the notes you need to make. The main window has three main panes, allowing you to switch between different assignments. If necessary, users can star some notes in order to find them faster.

Alternote 6 Best Note Management Software Products on Mac

This application also supports Markdown and keyboard shortcuts. Otherwise stated, this is a powerful tool with a simple design, developed for the needs of those customers who wish to be focused on the most important tasks.

3 BoxNotes

This is a comparatively new application which hit the market a short time ago, but it managed to have a good rating amid similar software products. This is a modern note-taking and collaboration program, which allows users to find necessary documents faster. You can either create simple entries from scratch or edit the existing ones. It provides you with a fast access to all your entries. BoxNotes has many navigation tools and keyboard shortcuts. The latest version is endowed with compliance and security options.

BoxNotes 6 Best Note Management Software Products on Mac

4 Zoho Notebook

This is a multi-featured note-taking software product, which can become a useful tool for any Mac user. To create a note, you need to open one of five “card” types and add what you need to keep in mind. Each card has its own features and display. Some of them allow you to make simple text notes, the other part of them is focused on creating checklists, voice recordings or images. It doesn’t matter where you find your inspiration because this application allows you to write down any idea and in any place.

Zoho-Notebook 6 Best Note Management Software Products on Mac

5 Apple Notes

Every user of Apple devices has an access to this program. It is already installed on your computer and permits you to make notes on Mac, iPhones or iPads. The newly released version has an awful lot of interesting and useful features as a capability to draw sketches, bookmark some websites or create simple notes. If you wish to save your favorite review or article, you just need to click a share button and the application will do the rest for you. All notes will be synced to Outlook or Gmail. For that reason, you’ll have access to them even if you are far from your Apple device.

Apple-Notes-1024x593 6 Best Note Management Software Products on Mac

6 Bear

Only Mac users have a sterling opportunity to experience the benefits of this software. It supports Markdown format and has many exporting features. The app provides you with the functionality to make simple notes and just store them. It is not overloaded with extra features. Considering the price, we wish to add, there is a free version, which is limited. If your primary goal is to experience all features, you need to obtain a Pro version (the price is $14.99 per year). When you use a free version, you can’t export files to other formats.

Bear 6 Best Note Management Software Products on Mac

Considering the choice of software products for making simple notes, any user will doubt which one to choose. We wrap up to try several options and determine which one can meet your requirements and interests.

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