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20+ Natural Prom Makeup Ideas and Tutorials in 2022

Every girl wants to stand out in her prom. No wonder it happens once in a lifetime; it is the nature of all the special moments in our lives. A consolation for this is that we say goodbye to a precious event then create another to welcome, like the graduation day.

Anyway, making the right choice regarding the colorful makeup look ideas you are wearing to the prom must be the hope of the prom girl. Well, we would love to help you achieve this hope. Following Pouted lifestyle magazine presents you 20 natural prom makeup ideas.

1 No-makeup with feathered brows

Today, almost every girl knows the charm of no-makeup makeup. To balance the look, you could add a thin neon eyeliner and lively feathered brows. Pair the makeup with an eye-catching dress and a statement piece of accessory.

2 Contouring

Contouring your face, especially cheekbones to emphasize them, delivers a classic, stunning prom makeup look. For a captivating effortless look, pair it with natural makeup.

3 Blue, green and grey eye makeup

This makeup idea, presented by Seventeen, delivers you fantastic, mature mermaid eyes. To apply it, pick a light blue shade for your upper eyelid and teal for the lower. Can you sense the aquatic vibe? And accentuate the blue eyelid with smokey gray on the crease.

mermaid-eye-makeup-675x1011 20+ Natural Prom Makeup Ideas and Tutorials in 2022

4 Blue and purple liners

It is another colorful eye makeup that you could balance by keeping the rest of your makeup simple and natural-looking. Make the lines clean and thin so that they would appear elegant and radiant. To apply the look, also suggested by Seventeen, you need cobalt blue and light or dark purple, as you prefer, for the upper and lower eyelids. This rainbow effect entirely fits the festive atmosphere of the prom.

Blue-and-purple-eyeliners-675x1013 20+ Natural Prom Makeup Ideas and Tutorials in 2022

5 Monochrome makeup

Another classic, simple look, yet not dull, is monochrome makeup. Nudes are among the most popular shades employed to achieve this look. Also, consider a matte nude shade for the lips, for it is quite trendy and gorgeous.

6 Summer shades

Summer shades such as pink and peach would be fantastic while employed in natural prom makeup. You could go for hot pink lips or eyes and keep the rest of the makeup minimal. Also, peach and gold eye makeup guarantees you festive-looking eyes.

7 Liquid highlighter

For a natural-looking glow, go for a liquid highlighter. And to emphasize the effortless radiance, put a moisturizing mask before applying the minimal makeup.

8 Glossy makeup

The glossy makeup look has been a massive trend in 2019. Plus, it is quite easy to nail. All you need is a sheer gloss on your eyelids and lips. For extra glow, add a touch of liquid highlighter to your cheeks. Another detail to incorporate into the look is natural-looking eyebrows.

9 White eyelashes

Among the variety of colored mascaras available, white stands out with its exceptional elegance and charm. White lashes have been a big eye makeup trend this year. To adopt it with elegance, make the white lashes the focal point of your makeup and keep all the rest natural.

makeup-White-eyelashes-2-675x674 20+ Natural Prom Makeup Ideas and Tutorials in 2022

10 Sunset eye makeup

Another statement eye makeup that has been trending for a while is the sunset eyes. To apply it, you need vibrant purple and orange eyeshadows. One of the most stylish applications of the trend is this sunset cut crease makeup. However, we think it would be better and simpler without the statement lashes.

11 Red lips

Red lips are a classic, timeless look whose charm never fades away. Combining statement red lips with natural-looking makeup has been a huge trend. And the best part is that whatever your skin tone and taste are, you will indeed find a matching red shade. Keep in mind that to nail the look, you need soft well-moisturized lips. So, initiate a lip-care routine a while before the event.

12 Smokey eyes

Smokey eyes are quite hot, yet if you want a less dramatic look, go for dark neutral shades. They deliver the desired result but with less edginess. Grey is another stellar color choice to apply smokey eyes with.

13 Cat eyes

Black cat eyes form another classic look that is adaptable to a wide variety of tastes and outfits. To make it stand out, keep the rest of your eye makeup quiet, especially if you are going for an extreme cat eye.

14 Pastel eyeshadow

Pastels are perfect summer colors that you could apply to your prom makeup for a vibrant, breezy look. Keep in mind the color of the dress while picking the eyeshadow degree, for both should complement each other. Emphasize the pastel eyelid with eyeliner and mascara and keep the rest of the makeup simple.

15 Metallic touch

Metallics have been a grand beauty trend in 2019. Among the most popular applications of it are metallic lips and eyelids. You could go for a statement metallic touch, either on the eyelid or lip or distribute soft accents all over the face. Consider metallic cheek highlighting too. We particularly love this shimmery emerald eyes. They look gorgeous!

16 Silver glitter

Glitter is always a stellar addition to a lot of makeup looks. Plus, it can be adapted in various ways to suit different tastes and occasions; for example, you could go for statement glitter lips or lashes, or add a bit of glitter to a dark eyeliner.

17 Chocolate scented lipsticks

Chocolate lovers would indeed love these liquid lipstick set from L’oreal. It consists of six chocolate-scented shades: nudes, pink, and dark brown. Applying a brown degree to look and smell chocolate seems an exciting idea.

Loreal-Chocolate-scented-lipsticks-675x675 20+ Natural Prom Makeup Ideas and Tutorials in 2022

18 Coral shades

Coral is a perfect and trendy summer color. It is the color of 2019. So, it deserves a separate mention away from summer hues. It is quite suitable for your prom makeup. Coral lips and cheeks are great options to apply the bright shade.

19 Eyelash jewelry and feather accents

Complementing your lashes with feathers and jeweled extensions has been an eyelash beauty trend in 2019. However, to nail the look classily, do not overdo it. A couple of false extensions with diamonds or pearls are quite enough.  Same goes for feathers; stay away from the statement and bizarre applications. One good idea for employing feathers minimally is to add them to the outer sides of your top eyelashes.

makeup-jeweled-eyelash-extension-e1560449661858-675x506 20+ Natural Prom Makeup Ideas and Tutorials in 2022

makeup-eyelashes-with-side-feathers-675x1009 20+ Natural Prom Makeup Ideas and Tutorials in 2022

20 Polka-dot eyeliner

For the lovers of cute touches, here’s one to adopt in your prom makeup. To achieve the polka-dot eyeliner look, apply a matte white eyeshadow to accentuate the eyeliner. Then, draw a thin line along the lashline and complement it with rows of tiny dots.

makeup-polka-dot-eyeliner-675x1013 20+ Natural Prom Makeup Ideas and Tutorials in 2022

We hope that among the previous prom makeup ideas, you have found what inspires you to adopt. Have a happy prom!

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