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10 Best 2019 Men’s Haircuts According to Face Shape

If you are looking for some change while we are still in early 2019, what can be better than a new haircut? Selecting an attractive haircut that matches your face can be challenging for many gentlemen. Well, the key is in experimenting but not blindly. It is always a good idea to search for different cuts and see how they look on the various hair textures and face shapes. You can do it either with the aid of the Internet or a trusted barber. Following we present you 10 of the best haircuts for men that suit a variety of face shapes.

1 Skin-fade haircut

The skin-fade haircut is a resilient hair cut, meaning it’s employed to create different hairstyles and looks. Therefore, it has been trendy for years. The skin-fade is based on two primary elements: bald fade or zero-shaved sides and along the top. To control the edginess of contrast between the sides and top, you can choose between high, mid, or low skin fade. Generally, the haircut is not the ideal for elongated faces as the long, and high-styled in many cases, top adds extra length to the face. On the other hand, it is suitable for gentlemen with square faces, for the absence of the side hair lessens the emphasize on the sides of the face. You can style the top as quiff or comb-over, or go for classic options such as side-parted hair.

2 Side-parted

The side-parted haircut delivers a timeless classic look that men never get bored of. Being stylish, easy to style and versatile, it is suitable for different occasions, casual as well as formal. Many businessmen go for it, seeking a serious, yet not boring, look. Besides, it suits more than a face type, including the square, round, and triangle. The haircut is generally clean and short, but it has witnessed modern additions, including more volume and length on the top, and incorporating it into a skin-fade haircut.

3 Textured pompadour

The vintage roots of the pompadour go back to the 18th century in France. The retro haircut has witnessed rejuvenation since Elvis Presley embraced it in the 50s of the 20th century. Today, the pompadour hairstyle with its modern variations is one of the most popular in 2019. Whether long or short, the haircut is suitable for casual as well as formal looks. Its versatility makes it applicable for different hair types, including wavy, curly, and thick hair. The pompadour features a long, textured top, longest at the front, along with shorter back and sides. The longer the front is, the more dramatic the look gets. Gentlemen with different face shapes go for the pompadour. However, it matches square faces well as it draws the attention away from the sides of the face.

4 Buzz-cut

The buzz is a short haircut with the top and sides of the same length. The barber designs it with electric clippers. However, some of its longer variations are not committed to the equal-length rule. The shortest buzz is called the induction cut which is achieved with a clipper with absolutely no guard. Follows it in length is the Burr cut that is applied with #1 or #2 guard. Then comes the Butch cut which demands #3 or #4 guard. The longer versions include the Brush cut, the High and Tight, and the Ivy League cuts. The buzz-cut matches square faces perfectly.

5 The Crew cut

Another classic and vibrant haircut to go for in 2019 is the crew cut. It is a short haircut with which you can obtain different looks. Style it as a side-swept crew, or leave your hair natural and messy. And you can slick it back if you are applying a long crew. It is among the haircuts of a long top and short sides. The classic crew conveys a more formal look while combining it with fade sides gives a sense of casualness. The crew suits oval, square, and triangle faces.

6 Quiff

The quiff is an iconic haircut that has never lost its appeal to men since it grew popular with the emergence of rock ‘n’ roll. It’s a rebellion haircut that reflects a great deal of confidence. The modern quiff versions are stylish and versatile which make the haircut suitable for wearing to various occasions. It shares the flat top of the pompadour and adopts the short sides and long top technique. However, the quiff is unique with its natural, messy look. It is suitable for different face shapes such as triangle, round, and oval faces; and for a square face, it’s fantastic when paired with faded sides.

7 Faux Hawk

The Faux Hawk is not just trendy but practical as well, for it is stylish and fits casual and formal looks. It is less edgy than the mohawk. It draws attention without exaggeration and expresses confidence. The haircut features a strip of hair that extends from the head front to the back and shorter sides, but not way shorter than the strip like the Mohawk. The short Faux Hawk versions are less dramatic than the long, and therefore more suitable for work. The haircut fits round, and diamond faces.

8 Side-swept fringe

Fringes are a great compliment to your face and overall look. Different styles of men fringes are forming a huge trend in 2019. The side-swept fringes are quite popular among gentlemen. Applying them to round faces, they enhance the face look significantly by adding some mess to the balance of the face. Besides, a fringe could shorten an oblong face effectively. Just keep in mind that if you are opting for faded sides, a low fade is more suitable with a fringe.

9 French crop

Another iconic, classic haircut is the French Crop. It is a classy haircut that is easy to style and maintain. It basically features a top slightly longer than the sides and back. The French Crop is applied in different lengths and could be combed to the side or forward over the forehead. The haircut is versatile and therefore matches different ages, hair types, and face shapes.

10 Taper haircut

The taper haircut is another effective combination of formal and breezy. So, it is wearable to work or on vacation. To style it for different occasions, tousle or sleek it back for a more fresh look, and keep it long and more organized for a business meeting. The haircut consists of short sides buzzed down using clippers and a longer top. You could easily notice that the short sides and long top are quite popular and adopted in many haircuts. The Taper cut suits different faces, including the triangle, oval, along with the round face, especially when paired with a quiff.

These were some of the best gentlemen haircuts. We hope that you find among them what suits your taste. And keep in mind that it is essential to see how the hairstyle looks on your face type before applying it.