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The Best Of Marcia Moran Jewelry

Marcia Moran Jewelry has a certain elegance and sophistication that works like a commando in a fashion battlefield. This is because the effect of the dazzling pieces is so great but the appearance looks so understated and effortless. The edgy structures and interesting cuts tamed with sullen 18k gold or rhodium metal makes an awesome combination. The collections of Marcia Moran Jewelry are very capable of polishing your plain look with a right blend of muted elegance and sparkle.

The Birth Of Marcia Moran Jewelry:

A Brazilian dentist who turned to be a fashion jewelry designer, Marcia Moran has a very incredible career history. Before she arrived to become the founder and the owner of Marcia Moran Jewelry, she came from a completely different path. As she is born, raised and studied in her native land, her first venture as a professional is in Brazil. After her graduation, she tried to practice dentistry first during the early 1990’s in which she had her first dental office in Sao Paolo.

However, her true dream is to become a jewelry designer. And, she cannot simply put this off. So, in 2003, when she moved to Los Angeles and took a new flight, she began to work with fellow Brazilian designers. When the demands of producing fashionable jewelry increased in their company, Marcia intensified her creativity and was able to surpass the works of her counterparts. Her designs were noticed and soon to have her own collection.

Today, women get to enjoy the understated luster brought about by this collection. Marcia Moran’s lines of jewelry are for those who wanted to make a great impression with seemingly effortless intention.

Popular styles:

  1. 1.  Marcia Moran Earrings. The most popular design is the double leaf dangling earrings that are made of semi-precious stones like agate and diamond. The range of colors for the earrings vary in many different shades like dark blue, jade green, blue agate and rose. You can find a wide variety of cuts and details in every piece.
  2. 2.  Marcia Moran Rings. Different features like stackable, coiled around the finger and open-sides are the distinct details of the ring collection. The center stone could be Druzy petal, rhodium oval, and rose gold organic bronze. This detail imitates diamond stone sparkle that made every piece worth to talk about in any party.
  3. 3.  Marcia Moran Necklaces. The oval drop pendant is simple but the cut and the color harmony are great for the workplace to dinner night and even the dance floor. It is so versatile that you can wear it in any events. Whether you feel like dressing up or dressing down, these pieces can nail any look.
  4. 4.  Marcia Moran Cuffs and Bracelets. The cuffs are made of plain solid gold in 18k. The horizontal oval stone serves as the centerpiece. The bracelets are geometrical rhodium or a leather string with embellishments. There are also tri-stone models that belong to Druzy collection.

Shopping guide:

If you are looking for cheap Marcia Moran design jewelry, you can go to Amazon Marcia Moran Store. They stash 40% from the original price. You will get almost a double piece for spending the original price.

For giving value to every cent, Amazon, Endless and Orange and Pearl stores give you the best designs at reasonable prices. They also allow free shipment and returns for defective and wrong item delivery.
Fashionable pieces have prices that range that starts from $130 to $300. You will bet the best pieces within these low prices.

Every woman needs jewelry with multi-level functionality. The best pieces are those that they can carry from the casual halls of the office to the romantic dinner night. Marcia Moran Jewelry is a bridge between elegance understated extravagances.

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