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Best 20+ Hair Colors for Men in 2018

Hair colors have a major role; you can take a peek into one’s personality through their hair colors. That’s why one must choose their hair color wisely since face complexion and color tone must match the hair color. However, it does not always work like this, since hair color often tends to define complexions as well. Thus, a careful selection of hair color can make you spend less for facial treatments. The list comprises most attractive hair colors for men in next years, based on the complexion. However, there is a hair color for every skin and that is exactly what the list tackels.

1 Copper Brown Color

Such color rebuilds confidence; those who have olive and yellow skin should opt for it. As depicted in the picture, the color suits curly hairs; those with straight hair can also carry this color, but it will simply make their hairs messier.

2 Dark Blond in Neutral Color

Such a color is somehow close to retain a smoky hue; still, it is usually distinguished as dark blond. These spikes and swept side make such a color ideal for summers as well as winters. So, guys with cool and fair complexion can carry this color easily but those with brown eyes should abstain from such color and try other ones.

3 Dark Blond

Here is another more or less cool color for warmer skins. This dark blond lies in the category of copper brown. Such color enhances the eye color especially those with a blue hue. Thus, guys with light skin tone should give such dark blond a try in the upcoming season.

4 Gray Hair

Last but not least, it somehow looks graceful. Well, this color is obtained naturally. The purpose of this addition is to put such a new trend in the limelight. In modern time, the mixture of black and white is associated with grace. So, if you are lucky enough to obtain such a color then embrace it in next year.

5 Red Color

Finally, if this color is slightly brownish touch, then it is perfect for multiple skin tones. So, guys with slightly dark complexion can obtain such a color. The point is that no strict consideration of colors is needed to pay for skin complexions, is it goes for all; almost.