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20 Best Graduation Makeup Ideas and Tutorials

The graduation day is one of the biggest days in every college student’s life. You finally celebrate the result of hard work and sleepless nights; you also honor the knowledge you have obtained so far. All these reasons are enough to make you want to look as unique as the occasion.

For all the fresh-graduate girls out there, Pouted online magazine presents you 20 of the best graduation makeup ideas and tutorials for an unforgettable day.

1 Pink Makeup

For those who think that pink is not unique enough to wear on this special day, you may want to reconsider your judgment. Have a look at this makeup tutorial inspired by Kylie Jenner’s outstanding pink makeup. It is a perfect combination of subtle and bold. You could also go for bold pink lips and keep the rest of the makeup simple.

2 Glossy Makeup

Incorporating glossy makeup is indeed the answer if you are into minimal and no-makeup makeup which have been a huge trend for years, yet want a touch that lets you stand out in your graduation. The glossy look has been in style for a while too.

3 Grey, Silver and Green Eye Makeup

It is a stellar graduation makeup look, suggested by StyleCaster. The eyeshadow color combination of grey and silver with gorgeous emerald green touch is quite beautiful and unique, especially that natural lips balance the bold eye makeup. You should indeed consider this one.

makeup-1 20 Best Graduation Makeup Ideas and Tutorials
exclusive graduation makeup ideas for eyes by colors

4 Bronze Highlighting

Bronze highlighted cheeks and forehead are summer makeup that numerous ladies have adopted. It is a perfect choice for a glamorous look on your graduation day.

5 Minimal Makeup with Bold Lips

It is another classy, yet hot, makeup trend that is worthy of wearing to your graduation celebration. The star of the show would be a bold lipstick color, be it red, reddish orange, etc., and keep the rest of the makeup quiet to allow your beautiful lips to glow with no surrounding noise.

6 Neutral Smokey Eyes

Neutral smokey eyes look gorgeous and hot, yet less dramatic than smokey eye makeup and more suitable to wear to a day celebration. For a simpler look, you could skip false lashes, since you are not doing full smoky eyes. Red, and rose nude lipstick shades are excellent options to consider for this look.

7 A Touch of Glitter

You may hesitate on using glitter in your graduation makeup ideas plan, especially that the occasion mostly takes place in the daylight. Well, you are right; excessive use of glitter does not suit the event, but a hint of glitter in your elegant dark eyeliner would be stellar. It would freshen your look and add an extra highlight to your eyes.

8 Peach Eye Makeup

Peach is a vibrant festive summer color. Peach/golden eye makeup guarantees you deep eyes and lively appearance in your graduation day. If you do not want the shimmery touch, go for matte peach eyes; it has its charm and elegance too, especially with those glossy light-peach lips.

9 Natural-looking Eyebrows

Natural-looking eyebrows have been a quite popular trend for years. It boosts the beauty of your brows and makes them look vibrant. Appearing with lively eyebrows on your graduation day is going to add effortless charm to your overall look.

10 Matching Lips and Nails

The idea is about wearing the same color on your lips and the design of your nails. If you want to introduce some spontaneity to the trend, go for matching shades of the same color.

makeup-red-lips-and-nails-675x918 20 Best Graduation Makeup Ideas and Tutorials
Matching lips and nails graduation makeup ideas to apply

11 No Mascara

Keeping eyelashes bare from mascara, and false lashes and extensions is a beauty trend expected to go big this season. It is a chance to give your precious lashes a break, take care of their health, and still look gorgeous. No eye makeup and bright, bold lips are capable of providing you with the stylish look you seek.

12 Feathered Brows

Another trendy brow idea that could add a lot of attractiveness is feathered brows. It will look fantastic with any makeup idea you pick, including natural and nude looks.

13 Bright Coral Lips

Coral is such a beautiful color, and it is trendy this summer. So, why don’t you employ a shade of it in your graduation makeup ideas? Coral lips will look fantastic with warm face bronzer, peach blush, glittery highlighter, and no eye makeup.

14 Nude Makeup

Nude makeup is closely related to the natural makeup look, but not restricted to it. Both of the options are stylish. You could go for natural nude makeup for a captivating effortless look or apply dark nude lipstick and eyeshadow.

15 Berry Lips and Cat Eyes

The berry color is of different degrees. If you want berry lips in your graduation day, go for a bright shade, for it is more suitable for summer. Combine your berry lips with cat eyes for extra refreshing, warm, and playful touch.

16 Colored Mascaras

Another eyelash trend expected to go big this summer is colored lashes. Despite bold and unusual, white lashes are quite stylish and elegant. Other fantastic choices are blue and pink, and if you seek a less dramatic look, go for brunette eyelashes.

makeup-White-eyelashes-2-675x674 20 Best Graduation Makeup Ideas and Tutorials
Colored mascara graduation makeup ideas to apply

makeup-blue-mascara-675x900 20 Best Graduation Makeup Ideas and Tutorials

17 Matte Makeup

Matte makeup looks quite glamorous and classy. So, it is a perfect choice for the graduation event. As the following tutorial suggests, using a moisturizing primer as a base makes the matte foundation and powder blend better and ultimately deliver a vibrant look. Also, employing mixed eyeshadows of warm browns and neutrals and finishing it up with nude lips add more life to the look.

18 Winged Eyeliner

It is a classic look, quite suitable for graduation makeup. You could apply it and keep the rest of your eye makeup minimal. Winged eyeliner and natural-looking brows will give you a stunning, classy appearance.

19 Neon Eyeliner

Another eyeliner trend that appeared in the summer runways of 2019 is neon eyeliners. You may think it is hard to incorporate such bold colors into a graduation look. However, a bit of neon liner while keeping the rest of the makeup natural would balance the neon effect.

makeup-neon-eyeliner-675x1013 20 Best Graduation Makeup Ideas and Tutorials

20 Waterline Lining

It is an application of the minimal eye makeup trend. All you need is a sharp eyeliner to draw a thin clean line along your inner waterline.

makeup-waterline-675x1013 20 Best Graduation Makeup Ideas and Tutorials
Waterline Lining make up idea to apply

We hope that you found the perfect look for you among the previous graduation makeup ideas. Whatever you decide to go for, maintain the balance between bold and simplicity, and pick what suits your face, skin tone, and taste. Have a memorable day!

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