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Be the Best-Dressed Guest – What to Wear to Spring Weddings

Have you ever received a wedding invitation that only confuses you further on what to wear? From beach formal to black tie optional– there are endless routes to take when it comes to wedding attire. Spring wedding season is almost upon us, and we’ve rounded up what to wear for each type of wedding. Don’t be afraid to have fun when putting your look together and using accessories to dress it up. And if you’re ever in need of an instant upgrade, make sure to get your bling on. Unique jewelry featuring freshwater pearls can elevate any outfit into formal attire.

1 A Black Tie Affair

This is the most formal that wedding dress codes get – think of what you would wear on the red carpet if you were ever invited. There is no going over the top for this type of elegant affair. Statement necklaces, oversized earrings, and cocktail pearl rings fit for a queen are all perfect for a black-tie wedding. This is your time to break out a full-length formal gown. Cocktail type jewelry and glam hair and makeup will elevate any evening gown you go with. Have fun with color when dressing for warmer weather! A nude slip dress and bright green accessories feel formal, yet perfect for spring weather.

A-Black-Tie-Affair-675x1013 Be the Best-Dressed Guest – What to Wear to Spring Weddings

2 White Tie

A step below a black-tie wedding, these weddings are often an evening affair and still require a formal dress code. A chic cocktail-length dress or a long evening gown is perfect for a white tie affair. For spring weddings, don’t be afraid of bold colors. A bright Fuschia or rich green adds a little fun to the normal drab colors of evening weddings. A cape style gown feels formal, but in kelly green, it feels fresh and new – perfect for a spring wedding.

white-tie-675x338 Be the Best-Dressed Guest – What to Wear to Spring Weddings

3 Formal Attire or Black Tie Optional

Formal or black tie optional weddings suggest an in-between of cocktail and black-tie affairs. A floor-length dress and tuxedo aren’t required like a black-tie event, but also wouldn’t be out of place should you wear one. A formal cocktail-length dress is still appropriate for optional black-tie weddings. There are a lot of different silhouettes that feel right for this semi-formal affair. A sleek midi slip dress, a ruffled high low print dress, a tiered lace cocktail dress, or a ruffled wrap dress in a fun color will all scream spring.

Purewow Be the Best-Dressed Guest – What to Wear to Spring Weddings

4 Cocktail Attire

Cocktail attire is not quite as dressy as black tie, so men can still wear just suit and ties. Women don’t need to dress in full-length gowns but instead, look great in a cocktail dress or dressy jumpsuit. A longer midi length dress in a pretty colored lace always feels dressy and proper for cocktail weddings. Oversized jewelry will dress up any look you go with. Try a fun pair of statement earrings with a bold colored dress for a worthy spring outfit.

Instyle Be the Best-Dressed Guest – What to Wear to Spring Weddings

5 Beach Formal

Beach formal suggests an elegant wedding – but keep in mind the elements that come with a beach wedding. Still dress for the weather when attending a formal beach event. Consider what you would wear to a nice night out on a summer evening and work from there. Usually, that includes a step above a sundress, so wear a nicer version of a daytime dress. A longer midi or maxi length also works for this dress code. Flat sandals are okay here – remember, walking in the sand can be hard! Even though this is still semi-formal, wear natural hair and makeup for this type of wedding.

lulus.-675x675 Be the Best-Dressed Guest – What to Wear to Spring Weddings

6 Dressy Casual or Semi-Formal

The tricky part is nailing the line between formal and casual– but also take into consideration the time of day. For daytime spring weddings, opt for lighter colors and nighttime, lean into a darker color palette. A dressy skirt and top, a cocktail dress, or a nice flowy dress in pastel or floral is perfect for this occasion. Pearl jewelry has been trending, and this is the perfect place to have fun with accessories. Wear an oversized pair of pearl hoops or a statement pearl necklace.

Jordanberecz-675x1012 Be the Best-Dressed Guest – What to Wear to Spring Weddings

7 Casual or Daytime

Casual weddings don’t exactly mean shorts and a t-shirt (unless otherwise noted). The rule here is “better to be overdressed than underdressed.” A sundress is perfectly appropriate here or a pair of slacks and a blouse. Keep your hair and makeup more natural instead of an updo to keep it casual. Sandals and daytime accessories like wicker bags fit perfectly for a casual wedding.

Glamour.-675x844 Be the Best-Dressed Guest – What to Wear to Spring Weddings

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