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4 Tips to Get best dedicated unmetered servers

If you are looking to find dedicated unmetered servers then you come to a right place. You are going to find out about unmetered and unlimited bandwidth hosting as well as the tips to find the best dedicated unmetered server for your needs. Read on to find out more.

Dedicated unmetered server means you have sole control of bandwidth of a server and the usage is not measured. If you heard of unlimited bandwidth then you should know that the bandwidth is not exactly granted unlimited usage. It is unlimited in the sense that you can use the bandwidth all you want but the speed will be capped once the usage affect other customers who shared the same server. In contrast, the limit for unmetered server, dedicated or shared, relies on the available bandwidth for the month. For example, if you purchase 100Mbps unmetered dedicated server, then you are entitled to get about 33000GB for a month.

Next, what qualifies as good dedicated servers? Below are the criteria that you should consider before choosing one.


Operating System

You should know which platform that you are more familiar with. Windows NT advantage is the ease of use, but it costs more. Meanwhile UNIX costs less, but is more difficult and needs someone with experience to handle it. Take into account your knowledge, expertise as well as applications that you are going to use.


Data Backup

When you run a site that is updated constantly, you want the data to be kept safely. The way to ensure it is through data backup. So you need to ensure that there is a backup service offered. The extra fee incurred is worth it as you can have peace of mind and be sure that your data is protected from permanent data loss.


Technical Support

Good and responsive technical support is needed should you run into any problems. What will happen if your site is down for days and you can’t get in touch with the support team? That will be disastrous and bad for your business. Good customer support should respond within hours so that you can rectify any problems immediately. Try asking the support team questions first to see their response time.


Server Monitoring

A good dedicated server, unmetered bandwidth service provider will offer server monitoring that runs 24/7. This service offers hardware and network connectivity monitoring to ensure everything runs fine and notifies you if any problems happen.

Running a huge website that has thousands of visitors requires you to have reliable dedicated unmetered server. If all the criteria above checked out, then you can’t go much wrong with it. Don’t forget to check testimonials from other users to see their feedback.

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