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How To Choose Best cPanel Web Hosting

What is cPanel Web Hosting?

cPanel is a Linux based web hosting control panel with a GUI that controls the applications within the website itself, it’s much similar to the Dreamweaver in the control issue and the layout , but the functionality is different as there are no code to worry about, all you have to do to work with cPanel is the mouse point-and-click routines, that gives the end-users and administrators the ability to host a web site easily and build its structure by installing applications, it’s the leader in converting stand alone servers to a completely automated ‘point and click’ web hosting platform.

cPanel utilizes a three tier structure which allows administrators, customers and resellers to control the various aspects of the webhost administration through a standard web browser by logging on to a web address, granting security, flexibility and ease-of-use for every one , but of course this is limited to the type of identity they have.

cPanel also has a command line and API function, that allows third party vendors or anyone with knowledge of it’s code to add in automated functions and processes as long as the administrator is granting them that permission, it was designed from the start to be a dedicated and standalone server as well as a virtual server that supports a multitude of operating systems. A great thing about cPanel is that it has an on board web hosting manager which allows anyone to access the web host and make changes easily.

As the fact that cPanel has a GUI or graphical user interface, anyone will be able to use it very easily, when cPanel was first released it was infested with bugs and had many compatibility problems, but it has evolved and became one of the most popular products now as plenty of web hosting solutions over the internet is offering cPanel.

This technology has automatic upgrade function that allows the product to be upgraded every time there is a new release; it automatically downloads the necessary update which is a great thing about it.

cPanel web hosting has a Spam Assassin as it has a great security and accessibility features that can protect you from hackers ,if any attacker or hacker got an access to your domain, they can cause you a lot of damage, and all the efforts you made will go in vain , you will lose everything just because you don’t have a Spam Assassin.

In conclusion, cPanel web hosting has a combination of convenience, functionality and simplicity, all of this makes it the perfect control panel in the market today. That is why it is considered as best control panel choice for different levels of webmasters.


What is Best cPanel Web Hosting?

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