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How to Choose Best CMS Platform for My Website

Content management systems or also known as CMS are easy to use if you want to create and maintain a website. However, you will need to find something that sits on the same level as you. That’s why it’s a good idea to look for the best CMS platform for your website if you are new to this.

Our first recommendation would be WordPress platform, then followed by Drupal. Also, Joomla is another great CMS system that you can use in terms of functionality. There are over 50 different CMS software systems today so be sure you choose wisely. Luckily, we are here to help you choose the best CMS platform. Here are some of our CMS system recommendations and what they can do:


WordPress CMS Platform:
If you are not familiar with programming or HTML, WordPress is a wonderful alternative for those of you who can’t build a website from scratch. Also, it can be installed in under 10 minutes. Adding a theme is fairly easy but one problem with WordPress sites is that the market is saturated with layouts. You might not be able to decide on which you like because this platform is really, that popular! Adding a new post every day is extremely easy and just about anyone can do it.


Drupal CMS Platform:
Drupal 1.0 was first released in the year of 2001. This is by far, one of the oldest CMS solutions available. If you need a platform that assists you with SEO, this is definitely the one. For example, it will format URLS for you so that this way, they are search engine friendly. There is even a discussion forum for those of you who need help with their CMS system. Developers of Drupal are constantly updating their CMS software, with new versions available and this makes it easier on everyone.


Joomla CMS Platform:
Joomla is a highly advanced CMS system software and is also, very easy to use. You can create an online magazine, e-Commerce websites or even content sites. Joomla appeals to just about any business owner or blog owner online. Their framework allows you to create inventory quickly and also use their advanced reporting tools. This is a great alternative for anyone who wants to create an online store.


What is The Best CMS Hosting?

best-cms-for-website How to Choose Best CMS Platform for My Website
You should use high reliable hosting with quality hardware parts. Also the hosting company should offer enough resources, bandwidth and disk space.

The best CMS hosting company we found after deep analysis and from users feedback is Inmotion hosting (which we use now for many of our big websites).

Inmotion company offer high reliebility, excellent support, many different plans to meet all customers needs with ability to upgrade anytime, money back guarantee, daily backup, and many more …

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