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Best bedroom design ideas

BEDROOM DESIGN IDEAS includes many themes such as ideas of mattress,covers,sheets,curtains and carpets and their shapes and colours . Everyone has his own style in decorating his bedroom which reflects his own inspiration and impressions . All of us has his private bedroom where he/she used to  sleep,learn,relax or enjoy his/her time . Styles of bedrooms based on our sex and age.

3 Best bedroom design ideas
soft design


Kids always tend to pretty colours and cartoon posters,while the teenagers of girls tend to simplicity and pinky light colours , in contrast of the teenagers of boys who turn to dark colours , action movies posters and images of cars and football games .

5 Best bedroom design ideas
bedroom design for boys
7 Best bedroom design ideas
bedroom design for boys
6 Best bedroom design ideas
girlish design
4 Best bedroom design ideas
kids bedroom design


The ideas of  bedrooms for couples or married should be suitable for both . Both should participate in forming its walls,decorates and floor . They will be confused in choosing from all various and different kinds of  design ideas . Most of couples turn to bright , creamy colours to give a romance atmosphere  because excessive makes the atmosphere more narrower .

2 Best bedroom design ideas
bedroom for married

There are many ideas of designs , but differ according to differences of classes .  Many designs are too expensive and costs a lot  and these suit rich people , while poor people search for suitable designs with cheap costs . Everyone chooses the designs which suit his/her budget .


9 Best bedroom design ideas
expensive design
10 Best bedroom design ideas
cheap design
11 Best bedroom design ideas
cheap design

We must be careful in choosing every piece in  the bedroom its designs , colours , walls , sheets , curtains , carpets , chandeliers , sofas and pillows .


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