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The Best of "Annie Fensterstock" jewelry Designs PLUS Reviews

Annie Fensterstock Jewelry is absolutely sublime. Annie relies heavily on techniques which have been used in Jewelry making for many centuries, however, despite this, every piece that is currently in her collection has a real modern feel to it, and this meeting of styles is what makes her jewelry beautiful. You just know that when you purchase Annie Fensterstock jewelry you are getting a truly unique item.

At the core of the range are the Annie Fensterstock rings. The rings that you see in this collection are like no other. It seems that no other designer in the world has the boldness that Annie has in order to create something that is truly unique. It is in this range where you are best able to see the meeting of ancient and more modern techniques. The rings are created with fantastic precious metals with gems directly into it, a technique which really does evoke feelings of ‘traditionalism’. In a few of the rings, she also relies on the sophisticated technique of granulation, something which unfortunately doesn’t appear in many rings nowadays.

A wedding, of course, is the time to treat yourself, and thus you will want something incredibly special. For this, you may want to turn your eyes towards the Annie Fensterstock bridal collection. In this range, you will find a number of exquisite rings that seem to be a much higher class than the standard ring range, which is quite a feat in itself. Annie Fensterstock Engagement rings are formed with some of the most beautiful gemstones possible, and once again using the traditional techniques that Annie is known for. If you are looking for a delightful piece of jewelry for your lover then you should look no further than Annie Fensterstock.

It isn’t just about the rings, however. There are a number of Annie Fensterstock earrings which look absolutely delightful. If you are expecting standard looking earrings then you should look elsewhere. These earrings are honestly like no other, there a number of pieces in the collection and each of them is formed of some of the most intricate and beautiful designs that you will have ever have seen. It almost seems like Annie Fensterstock is attempting not just to create an earring, but a beautiful work of art. You will be cherishing these for many years to come.

At the moment Annie is taking a liking towards the combination of precious metals and beautiful gemstones, and this is fairly evident throughout the entire collection. The gemstones that she uses are often incredibly bright colors, from aqua to hot pink, these really help add to the aesthetic quality of the pieces, and the beautiful color really does help the jewelry pop out.

Sadly, in order to receive items of such quality, there is a high price attached. However, from time to time you may stumble across an Annie Fensterstock sale like in Amazon. That is the time to pounce and start stocking up on some of the finest pieces of jewelry that have ever been created. If you really do want a unique piece of jewelry that is going to look beautiful for many years to come, then Annie Fensterstock Jewelry is the only company to look at.

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