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Top 7 Leather Wallet Patterns Trending

Now – a- days it’s a trend for all the men to use trendy wallets. It has become a style statement for lots of men to use fashionable and stylish wallet. We all know that a decent wallet is a man’s best friend and that the wallets are the quintessential accessory for any guy. In spite of their status and style, every man needs a quality wallet. They are not only a practical way of carrying the essentials, but they also represent a man’s personality and style.

The wallets can easily fit into the back pocket without adding any unnecessary bulk. The quality of the leather should be high, and it should also ensure that the accessory can last a lifetime. The most popular brands of wallets include –Huge Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Timberland, Mont Blanc, Gucci, etc. Some of the latest wallet trends which you can find in include – Slim wallet, Bifold wallet, Trifold wallet, Travel wallet organization, Coin wallet, Magnetic money clip wallet, Accordion wallet, etc.

1 Slim wallet

The slim wallet is the best minimalist wallet. Men chose this type of wallet because they think that they are great and can perfectly fit into the pocket. It also allows enough space for important cards, cash, and not much else. Apart from it, they choose it to show off their elegant performance while communicating with other people. This kind of wallet is mostly is used for carrying cards and not much of cash.


  1. It is easy to find the card we need because we don’t have to dig through all our stuff.
  2. We don’t have to be ashamed to show our wallet.
  3. We will reduce the chance of pickpocketing.
  4. As we are all getting closer to a cashless society, so there is no need for a regular wallet!
  5. While using a front pocket wallet with a slim profile often improves once look.
  6. We don’t have to worry about removing our wallet whenever we are sitting.


  1. Leather quality – The most important feature would be the quality of leather. The high-quality leather has a peculiar ‘feel’ when we hold it in our hand. We can judge good quality leather by having basic background knowledge we can judge it by rubbing a double layer together. The second important thing is the leather should be genuine. It will give low strength and resistant.
  2. Capacity – An essential thing in the wallet is capacity. It depends on the people about what kind of wallet they need but as they tend is changing, and people were using classic wallets according to their style statement. Now – a – day’s country is becoming cashless, so people were carrying cards more, and for that reason, men were mostly using the simple wallet as it is very classic and modern.
  3. Size – The third thing is the size which is entirely a subjective thing. When the volume is bigger it’s difficult to carry in back, but if its size is unnecessarily small then it also creates a problem, so the size should be 4’’×3.5’’.
  4. Craftsmanship – A poor quality of craftsmanship can completely overshadow a good design and high -quality material. It is the name of paying attention to every minute detail. So while buying a wallet, we should pay close attention to corners bends, and inside areas of the pockets and that is where the competency of a good craftsman is hidden.

Hammer Anvil Money Clip minimalist wallet Top 7 Leather Wallet Patterns Trending - 1

Kinzd slim wallet for men 2 Top 7 Leather Wallet Patterns Trending - 2

2 Bifold wallet

The bifold wallet gets its name from having two sections that fold over in half in the middle. It was one of the most super modern, stylish and sophisticated wallets with six card slots, two card compartment, 1 SIM card slots, and one transparent slots. It is a perfect gift to give to any of our close ones, relatives or friends. They are mostly made up of leather but can also be made of vegan materials or canvas.


  1. It offers less capacity but is thinner in size.
  2. It can be either carry in the front or back pockets.
  3. It can be mold to wearers’ body.
  4. We can easily carry cash and other necessary items in it.


  1. It is available in a variety of colors (green, red, black, etc.)
  2. It should look attractive and decent.
  3. In this type of wallet, there were many folds, like a book so that men can keep their accessory properly.
  4. It was made in such way so that it can easily fit into the man’s pocket.

black wallet Top 7 Leather Wallet Patterns Trending - 3

Kinzt bifold wallet for men Top 7 Leather Wallet Patterns Trending - 4

3 Trifold wallet

Trifold wallets give little more space for all the essential things. We can easily carry cash and other important cards into it. It is one of the modern, classic and trendy wallets. It makes the look of the men more sophisticated.


  1. It is easy to carry more ID cards and credit cards.
  2. It was smaller than a pack but large enough to carry coins and valuables.
  3. It provides a low – cost entry point for consumers on a tight budget.
  4. It is also ideal for buyers who refuse to buy animal products due to moral ethical values.


  1. The wallet is larger is size.
  2. It can hold more cards and banknotes.
  3. The thickness is quite noticeable in the pocket.
  4. It can command the highest prices.
  5. If men were looking for a style statement, then it is a good choice.

trifold wallet for men 1 Top 7 Leather Wallet Patterns Trending - 5

black wallet with two compartments man Top 7 Leather Wallet Patterns Trending - 6

4 Travel wallet organizer

This type of wallet is mainly used when people were traveling from one place to another or even abroad. It makes the person more classic and sophisticated. One can keep track of one’s passport, boarding pass and other important notes and documents. It is easy to carry and handle. It can easily fit into one’s pocket.


  1. It is available in different kinds of color (silver, black, blue, etc.)
  2. There is no chance of losing all the important documents.
  3. It is trendy for all the travelers.
  4. It can easily fit into the pocket.


  1. The wallet is a regular bifold because it is taller in size than it is wide.
  2. The wallet is clean, sharp and pleasant looking.
  3. The layout is easy and feels natural, like any other regular wallet.
  4. It should be comfortable enough in a pocket for quick storage.

Travel wallet organizer Top 7 Leather Wallet Patterns Trending - 7

Travel wallet organizer 2 Top 7 Leather Wallet Patterns Trending - 8

5 Coin wallet

As the term suggests it is generally used for keeping coins. We cannot keep any other personal documents in it. It is small in size and we can easily carry it from one place to another. It makes the people more sophisticated and classic.


  1. It is small in size.
  2. It is easy to carry.


  1. All the coins are safe.
  2. It is available in different colors (black, silver, metal, etc. )
  3. It is a new trend for all the new generations.

Coin wallet Top 7 Leather Wallet Patterns Trending - 9

Coin wallet 2 Top 7 Leather Wallet Patterns Trending - 10

6 Magnetic money clip wallet

It is generally slim in size. It includes two credit cards slots and a leather-wrapped magnetic clip. It is very stylish in look and makes people more sophisticated.


  1. It is ultra – slim in size.
  2. It keeps the card and the money safe.
  3. It provides a safer distance between the card and the magnet.


  1. The ultra-thin magnetic money clip wallet helps to secure our cash in the wallet.
  2. The magnetic clip is hard, so there is no chance of losing any cash or cards.
  3. It provides space for storing more than ten plastic cards.

Magnetic money clip wallet Top 7 Leather Wallet Patterns Trending - 11

Magnetic money clip wallet 2 Top 7 Leather Wallet Patterns Trending - 12

7 Accordion wallet

The accordion wallet takes less space in the bag. It protects all the information properly. It opens up to full bill length compartment including 12 credit cards pockets, a zip coin pocket, cash, and receipts. It is trendy, classic and sophisticated.


  1. It is safe and effective.
  2. There is no chance of pickpocketing.
  3. It is easy to carry and handle.


  1. It is durable in textured leather embossed with a classic signature pattern.
  2. It is crafted in signature cross-grain leather.
  3. It is available in the variety of colors (red, black, silver, etc.)

red Accordion wallet Top 7 Leather Wallet Patterns Trending - 13

kinzdAccordion wallet for women 1 Top 7 Leather Wallet Patterns Trending - 14

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