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Best 5 Camera Watches in The World

Watches are often used to tell us time, but because of the technological revolution that changes and develops many things, watches have become multi functional which means that they have the ability to perform many tasks such as taking photos and recording videos. You will carry a camera and a watch at the same time around your wrist. These watches will be very helpful for many people, because they will be allowed to record videos or take photos wherever they are or whenever they want.

Cameras that are placed in watches are very tiny to the extent that they can not be seen or even observed by any one. Camera watches can be used for recording meetings, lectures, photos for attractive views, social events and also for spying which should be for only legal purposes. The watches that have such cameras differ in their shapes and efficiency in recording photos and videos. All the recorded photos and videos are stored on a built in memory card and they are transmitted after that to your computer. Here are some of the best camera watches that look stylish.

This watch has the ability to record voice and videos, take pictures and to resist water. It uses a lithium battery that is easily charged. The capacity of the built in memory is 16 GB. The watch has a USB port to be connected to the computer.

The capacity of the built in memory in this watch ranges from 1GB to 32GB. It is water resistant and it is provided with  a USB port.

dvr hd.

It takes photos and records videos with high resolution. It is provided with USB port and has a 4GB memory. It also resists water.

dvr hd

It is provided with USB port to be easily connected to the computer. The capacity of its memory card is 4GB. The time can be easily set. The watch is powered by a lithium battery.


Its memory has a large capacity which is 8GB. It uses lithium batteries, takes photos and record videos with high resolution.

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