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Best 40 Keto Diet Blogs and Websites

The ketogenic diet has been quite trendy for the past few years. In fact, it is more of a new lifestyle to embrace, not just a temporary diet for weight loss. As many keto dieters admit, the results are quite impressive, and the keto way of living is fun and captivating. The keto diet is primarily based on replacing carbs with fats.

Ridding the body of carb and sugar allows it to reach the state of ketosis in which it starts to burn fat instead of carbs to get energy. To reach and maintain the ketosis process, you need resourceful information, and to turn your kitchen and food list keto. Therefore, Pouted online magazine presents you 40 of the best keto diet blogs that could help you along the keto journey.

Best Keto Diet Blogs

1 Diet Doctor

Diet doctor was initiated in 2011 as a low-carb website that comprises a lot of recipes, guides, and tips, aiming to turn low-carb life and weight loss easy for their readers. Plus, you can rest assured of the credibility of the provided information, for Andreas Eenfeldt, the founder, is a medical doctor and specialist in family medicine from Sweden. To encourage the readers, a stories section is dedicated to telling the success stories of keto dieters. Another fantastic category is Science within which you will find research papers on low carb and keto diet.
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2 Perfect Keto

Perfect Keto site is a keto-friendly blog and shop where you can know about the ketogenic diet and shop the products and supplements you need. They provide fresh content daily on different topics such as natural sleep aids, juice fasting and its relation to the keto diet, ketosis vs. paleo diet, benefits and risks of sunflower oil, monk fruit as a zero-calorie sweetener, etc.
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3 Keto Adapted

Maria Emmerich launched the blog in 2010. She is a cookbook author who has eight books, among which are her bestseller Keto Adapted. She presents videos on the keto diet, an online shop where you can get her books, and keto food products, including pizza, cookies, snacks and nuts, proteins, drinks, etc. Among the services that the site offers are phone consultation, health assessment, meal and supplement plans, and more.
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4 Healthful Pursuit

Healthful pursuit has started in 2010. The owner is Leanne Vogel, a cookbook author and keto dieter since 2014. She has bestselling books: The Keto Diet, The Keto Diet Cookbook, and Keto for Women. Vogel presents keto food recipes, programs, and nutrition advice. Among her fantastic recipes are ketone gummies, keto hummus, egg, blueberry and bacon bowl, raspberry smoothie bowl, etc.
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5 I breathe I’m Hungry

I breathe I’m Hungry has been providing valuable keto content since 2010. The owner, Mellissa Sevigny, started it as a method to document and organize her recipes. The blog has two primary categories: the keto recipes and meal plans. Sevigny’s keto and paleo recipes are known to be original, delicious, and far away from boring. She is the author of Keto for Life cookbook.
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6 Healthy Recipes

Healthy Recipes offers easy-to-prepare keto meals and snacks that you can eat at home and take to work, for it is vital to maintain your healthy diet indoors and outdoors. The blog started in 2011 by Vered DeLeeuw, and she has presented yummy keto recipes. You can learn how to make keto zucchini casserole, chocolate cake, almond flour banana bread, and tuna melt. DeLeeuw is a healthy food expert; she has taken nutrition courses from the Harvard School of Public Health.
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7 Dj Foodie

DJ Foodie is another keto-friendly cooking blog that presents sugar-free, low-carb recipes. Its owner has started a weight-loss journey that led to a lifestyle transformation. DJ Foodie aims to help others who have the same goal. Some of the excellent recipes on the blog are orange-sesame beef short ribs, broccoli cheddar soup, and crepe fettuccine with tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and pesto.
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8 Wicked Stuffed

Wicked Stuffed is specialized in low-carb, grain-free recipes since its initiation in 2013 by Amanda C Hughes. The blog also offers valuable information and ketogenic life hacks and tips, stressing that keto is a lifestyle, not just a diet. Hughes provides recipes for each meal and the holidays. Among her latest keto recipes are the 4th of July pizza on 100% cheddar cheese crust, garlic shrimp, keto-friendly jelly shots, and rum punch.
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9 Meat Free Keto

This one is unique, combining ketogenic and vegan diets. Initiated by Liz MacDowell, a holistic nutrition consultant, in 2014, the blog has provided tips and information on vegan keto basics, including essential products, a shopping list, meal plans, macro calculator, and food recipes for the different meals. Her meal plans are beginners-friendly, meaning they are easy to apply by newbies who want to initiate a vegan keto lifestyle. MacDowell is also the author of a cookbook: Vegan Keto: 60+ High-Fat Plant-Based Recipes to Nourish Your Mind and Body.
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10 Keto Diet

Initiated by Martina Slajerova in 2012, Keto Diet blog offers valuable nutrition facts and tips. It aims to assist dieters to lose weight by incorporating a low-carb diet into their lifestyles. They present a diet app for ketogenic and paleo dieters, cookbooks, a lot of online keto recipes along with a food list. Also, on the blog is a special section for keto newbies.
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11 Beauty and the Foodie

Stacey Crawford launched this keto blog in 2013, aiming to offer her readers healthy food tips and recipes, and DIY natural beauty ideas. Her delicious meals are gluten-free, low-carb, which make them perfect for keto and paleo diets. Among her fantastic keto recipes are savory smothered meatballs, sour cream parmesan chicken, broccoli chicken bacon soup, potstickers with Asian dipping sauce, and a lot more. She has a published cookbook, Keto in an Instant.
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12 The Nourished Caveman

Vivica Menegaz believes in the healing power of healthy food. Therefore she has taken part in keto blogging since 2013, offering her readers such delicious keto and paleo recipes. Besides, on the site is an online store where you can get her cookbooks and keto supplements. Plus, there are meal plans for newbies who need some help to initiate a keto diet. Among her many mouthwatering keto recipes are baked brie and pecan prosciutto savory fat bombs, keto fish fritters, chocolate macaroons, fiber brownies, and keto paleo Bombay meatballs With sustainable beef.
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13 Keto Karma

Suzanne Ryan has been a keto dieter for four years so far, and apparently, she is not planning to quit it anytime soon. She initiated Keto Karma to be her fellow along the journey that began in 2015. Before going keto, Ryan weighed 289 pounds and suffered from low-energy levels. Enjoying the post-keto transformation in her life, she seeks to motivate and assist other dieters in reaching success with their keto diet. The blog comprises background information on keto for newbies, a keto calculator, and a lot of low-carb recipes.
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14 Keto-Mojo

However appeared recently in 2017, Keto-Mojo is one of the best websites for keto dieters. Their ketone meter was stated to be the best by Diet Doctor. On the blog, they provide information and how-to videos on doing the ketone/glucose testing. There are also fitness and health topics, keto product reviews, nutrition tips, and keto food recipes.
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15 Peter Attia

Peter Attia is the founder of Attia Medical, which seeks to increase the healthspan, and therefore lifespan, by employing nutrition biochemistry, sleep physics, distress tolerance, lipidology, endocrinology, etc. Following his website would be of great benefit; there are articles on nutrition and health, including ketosis and fasting, biochemistry, metabolic disease, and cholesterol. A podcast section is also available where Ph.D. experts discuss vital topics such as depression and emotional resilience, dangers of poor sleep, mental health, the power of mindfulness, ketosis, etc.
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16 Prof. Grant Schofield

Grant Schofield is a public health professor at Auckland University of Technology. His blog, launched in 2013, discusses several health and nutrition topics, among which are low carb, metabolic dysfunction, weight loss, fitness, and aging. His teaching and research work is on wellbeing and the prevention of chronic diseases, especially obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.
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17 has been walking its readers along the journey of keto weight loss since showed up in 2013. It provides information about keto, diet plans, tasty recipes, and beneficial tips to rock a keto diet and employ it effectively to lose weight and live healthily. Their yummy keto recipes include Chicken and Waffle Sandwiches, Pepperoni Pizza Quiche, blueberry pancakes, Gooey Keto Cinnamon Rolls, dairy-free dark chocolate shake, and berry coconut oatmeal.
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18 The Big Man’s World

The blog was founded in 2013 by Arman, who is a cookbook author with a published book called Clean Sweets. He develops recipes that fit different diets: keto, paleo, vegan, etc. Among the mouthwatering keto meals and drinks on his site are blueberry overnight oatmeal, gluten-free, vegan raspberry doughnuts, pumpkin breakfast brownies, carrot cake smoothie, zucchini chocolate chip cookies, and a lot more.
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The Big Mans World blog recipe Best 40 Keto Diet Blogs and Websites - 18 Keto Diet Blogs

19 No Bun Please

It is another keto blog where you can find educative information on the ketogenic diet, guides on how to start, keto shopping lists and gift ideas, low-carb gluten-free recipes, etc. No Bun Please also provides dieters with a keto macro calculator and eating guides. It was launched in 2013 by Dominic Matthew.
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20 Life Made Keto

The founder of Life Made Keto is Kelly, a cookbook author who offers her readers fantastic recipes that turns life sweeter. She initiated this blog recently in 2017 to be the younger sister of Life Made Sweeter, her first blog that goes back to 2013. On both of them, Kelly presents healthy food tips and recipes, but the latter, as its name suggests, is exclusively decided to keto dieters.
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21 Ditch the Carbs

The blog is initiated by Sarah Wilson, a dieter who managed to quit sugar and carbs. She presents delicious low-carb low-sugar recipes, aiming to show her readers that they can still enjoy a sweet life without sugar. There are also meal plans, tips on how to initiate a low-carb diet, guides to healthy fats, low-carb flours, sweeteners, drinks, etc.
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22 Ketogasm

Ketogasm joined the keto blog world in 2015. It targets assisting women in inviting the keto diet into their lifestyles. It offers services and topics on healthy cooking and the ketogenic lifestyle. There are free courses, meal plans, keto calculator, and recipes. With them, you can enjoy healthy yet delicious foods and drinks such as shrimp wrapped in bacon, smoothies, etc.
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Ketogasm blog screenshot Best 40 Keto Diet Blogs and Websites - 22 Keto Diet Blogs

23 Wholesome Yum

Maya Krampf initiated Wholesum Yum in 2015, and it has grown to be one of the best keto websites out there. Krampf is known for her natural, gluten-free recipes that do not demand lots of ingredients. She also presents 30-minute and under 30-minute meals. Her meals are fit for different diets, including keto, paleo, vegetarian, etc. You can learn how to make low-carb bread, desserts, snacks, etc. Among her delicious keto recipes are pepperoni chips, strawberry spinach salad, baked coconut shrimp, spicy Thai beef salad, and a lot more.
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Wholesome Yum blog screenshot Best 40 Keto Diet Blogs and Websites - 23 Keto Diet Blogs

24 Simple. Fun. Keto

Believing that keto is a simple, fun lifestyle, the blog motivates others to go keto. It comprises mouthwatering, low-carb recipes, including keto almond crackers, blueberry jam, loaded potato salad, Caprese zoodle salad, keto empanadas, red white and blue cheesecake fruit salad, chocolate chip cookies, and low-carb coleslaw.
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Simple. Fun. Keto blog screenshot Best 40 Keto Diet Blogs and Websites - 24 Keto Diet Blogs

25 Ketovangelist

Ketovangelist joined the keto blogging world in 2015. It has been promoting the ketogenic lifestyle as a healthy, fun, and rewarding one, encouraging others to adopt it to be their way of living. Among the topics discussed on the blog are the methods to overcome insulin resistance, the benefits of cutting carbs and shifting to fats, etc. There is also a recipes’ section where you will find yummy yet easy-to-prepare keto meals.
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Ketovangelist blog screenshot Best 40 Keto Diet Blogs and Websites - 25 Keto Diet Blogs

26 Doc Muscles

Adam Nally, who founded Doc Muscles in 2016 is a physician, obesity specialist, and ketogenic lifestyle expert. On the website is a blog where dr. Nally discusses issues related to health and keto diet such as weight loss stall on the keto diet, the benefits of the ketogenic diet for hair loss, etc. There is also an online store where you can buy keto supplements and products.
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27 Ketogenic

It appeared in 2016; Ketogenic blog has spread knowledge about the keto diet, its benefits, and how to incorporate it into your lifestyle as a constant habit. A wide variety of keto recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks between meals are available. Checking them, you will realize that being in a low-carb, low sugar diet does not mean that you have to let go of the deliciousness. You can prepare keto creamy kickin’ stuffed chicken breast, chocolate-dipped snickerdoodle balls, taco salad, gummies, onion rings, and more. They provide nearly four new recipes per month. Other services they give the dieters are a keto calculator and keto doctors’ search, which allows you to look for the nearest doctor to you.
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28 Keto Connect

The owners of Keto Connect, Megha Barot and Matt Gaedke, are a keto dieter couple. On their blog are keto recipes and online shop for keto products. They also have cooking books, including Keto Made Easy which has more than 100 easy keto recipes, Fat Bomb Bible, and Slow-Cooked Keto. The blog appeared recently in 2016.
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Keto Connect blog screenshot Best 40 Keto Diet Blogs and Websites - 28 Keto Diet Blogs

29 Essential Keto

Essential Keto was also launched in 2016 by Noline, a current keto dieter who tried different diets to lose weight until she finally went ketogenic and succeeded. Her blog includes posts on keto lifestyle, exercising tips, product reviews, and many keto recipes for her reader to try such as cheddar zucchini muffins, and pizza frittata. Among the keto-related topics discussed are the intermittent fast, the best keto drinks, Verisana keto inflammation test, and good instant pot cookbooks.
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Essential Keto blog screenshot Best 40 Keto Diet Blogs and Websites - 29 Keto Diet Blogs

30 Keto Vale

As its name suggests, Keto Vale is dedicated to low-carb, keto dieters. It aims to inspire others to change the way they eat as a part of a whole process to alter their lives for the best. They believe that eating habits affect the different aspects of everyone’s life. On the blog are topics and tips on the keto diet, dieters’ success stories to motivate the readers, supplement reviews, and keto recipes.
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Keto Vale blog screenshot Best 40 Keto Diet Blogs and Websites - 30 Keto Diet Blogs

31 Fat for Weight Loss

The website aims to help and motivate ketogenic dieters by providing keto-friendly recipes, nutrition and fitness facts, and tips. Aaron Day, the owner of Fat for Weight Loss, is a nutritional therapist, and clinical weight-loss practitioner. He is also the author of cookbooks such as the Keto Sweettooth, 3 Ingredient Keto Recipes, and Keto Kickstart Meal Plan. Plus, the site comprises a macro calculator and an online shop where you can find his books and e-books or join one of his courses. There are also posts on keto-related topics, including a guide to Christmas on keto, keto coffee benefits, vegan ketogenic diet, etc.
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Fat for Weight Loss blog screenshot Best 40 Keto Diet Blogs and Websites - 31 Keto Diet Blogs

32 Cast Iron Keto

The blog came into being by Lauren Lester in 2017. It provides keto adventurers with easy keto recipes that they can incorporate effortlessly into their eating habits, including garlic parmesan sausage skillet, hot sausage pockets, sweet and sour chicken, Mongolian beef, and more.
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Cast Iron Keto blog screenshot Best 40 Keto Diet Blogs and Websites - 32 Keto Diet Blogs

33 Mad Creations

Megan Ellam founded Mad Creations recently in 2017. She is a recipe developer and cookbook author. Ellam has impressive expertise in cooking for she had been running award-winning kitchens in restaurants and hotels since the 90s and for a decade. The blog comprises rich content divided into categories: keto diet, cooking classes, recipes, fitness, exercise, meditation, etc. Among the keto-related posts are Keto Pantry Essentials, Asian Keto Recipes, 14-Day Keto Meal Plan, etc.
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Mad Creations blog screenshot Best 40 Keto Diet Blogs and Websites - 33 Keto Diet Blogs

34 Hey Keto Mama

Hey Keto Mama entered the world of keto blogging in 2017. The blog includes tips on healthy food, information about the ketogenic diet and how it works, and low-carb recipes that you can apply easily. It tells you how to make keto chai muffins, cauliflower buns, lasagna, chicken enchilada bowl, strawberry doughnuts, and more. Hey Keto Mama also offers discount codes for keto products.
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Hey Keto Mama blog screenshot Best 40 Keto Diet Blogs and Websites - 34 Keto Diet Blogs

35 Forget Sugar

The ultimate aim of Forget Sugar since its recent initiation in 2017 is to help its readers maintain a healthy life of low-sugar and low-carb. They present mouthwatering keto recipes: drinks, foods, appetizers, snacks, and desserts. The latest keto meals include bacon cheddar keto breakfast, French toast loaf, pumpkin spice green smoothie, chicken fried rice, salad dressings, and a lot more. There is also a keto facebook group that you could join. It would indeed be helpful and encouraging to be among a keto dieters’ community, especially if you are at the beginning of the journey.
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Forget Sugar blog screenshot Best 40 Keto Diet Blogs and Websites - 35 Keto Diet Blogs

36 Gnom Gnom

Another keto, gluten-free community that also showed up in 2017. Paola van der Hulst, the founder, is a cookbook author. She offers her readers quite delicious keto recipes. Among her bests are cocoa brownies, grain-free tortillas, crisp cinnamon toast crunch cereal, and more.
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Gnom Gnom blog screenshot Best 40 Keto Diet Blogs and Websites - 36 Keto Diet Blogs

37 Keto in Pearls

Anna Hunley is a keto dieter who has started keto blogging to encourage others on the keto path to keep going. On her blog, Keto in Pearls, are information on how to go keto, keto product reviews, multi-ethnic, low-carb food recipes: Southern American, Asian, Mexican, and Italian. Besides, Hunley is about to release a cookbook called the Family-friendly Keto Instant Pot Cookbook.
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Keto in Pearls blog screenshot Best 40 Keto Diet Blogs and Websites - 37 Keto Diet Blogs

38 Keto in the City

Jen Fisch, the author of best-selling cookbooks, launched Keto in the City blog to share her yummy keto recipes online. She also provides tips on how to turn your lifestyle keto. Plus, on the site are discount codes for keto products and supplements. The meals look quite delicious. We are especially enthusiastic about the Parmesan Cloud Eggs, Jalapeño Popper Chicken, and the Mermaid Smoothie Bowl.
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Keto in the city blog screenshot Best 40 Keto Diet Blogs and Websites - 38 Keto Diet Blogs

39 Keto Nutrition

Dominic Dagostino, the founder of the 2018-born blog, is a nutrition researcher specialized in clinical use and emerging applications of nutritional ketosis. The blog provides motivation and latest keto-related research. Their posts are infrequent yet quite useful. Among the topics discussed are the effects of dietary ketone ester on components of energy balance in mice, ketones and migraines, the anticatabolic effects of ketone bodies, and ketones and inflammations.
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40 KetoCal

KetoCal is a medical, nutritional ketogenic supplement for the keto dieters with epilepsy, particularly children. The website comprises a blog that has a new post monthly on keto and epilepsy-related topics such as soft and spoonable keto recipes, medical keto diet stories of children with epilepsy, KetoCal product reviews, and tips for families new to the keto diet for epilepsy.
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KetoCal blog screenshot Best 40 Keto Diet Blogs and Websites - 40 Keto Diet Blogs

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