Best 25 Creative Clock Ideas

Clocks are very important device that make us organize our daily events. They are invented long time ago, however they are still used in our modern age in spite of the progress and the inventions that appear every day. The importance of clocks is not limited to telling time, but they can also be used as a decorating piece in our homes. They can decorate walls,tables, nightstands and shelves. Away from the classical and traditional shapes of clocks, we present to you a collection of the best creative designs for clocks that will make the place in which they are put really attractive.

Archimedes clock: This clock is really fantastic. It consists of three circles. The big circle is a frame for the clock, the second circle represents hour hand and the smallest one represents the minute hand. The smallest two circles turn around each other to show you the clock.

Archimedes clock.
Archimedes clock

The domino clock: A domino shaped clock. The two pieces on your right represent the minute hand of the clock while the hour hand is presented by the piece on your left. The points in each piece tell the time.

designer clock uses domino pictographics
Domino Clock Time Diagram

Eye clock: It does not use numbers or words to tell the time, it only looks. The eyes are directed to the time.

The clock it has not habitual hands or digits as usual

Word clock: This clock is really strange as it does not use hands or any pointers it consists of small pieces that gather with each other to form a word that tells the time.

creative clocks

Running time: A clock presented in a funny shape as it shows persons who are running that means we should care about the running time.

Modern Wall Clock Design Ideas

Rows clock: A clock divided into two rows. The upper row shows the hour and the lower row shows the minutes.

creative clocks

Inserting objects: A clock that uses objects to use as hands for the clock. they should suit the size of the place in which they will be put.

creative clocks
creative clocks

Light clock: It is very interesting clock that uses lights to show time. It will look more beautiful and will appear clearly in the dark.

good afternoon clock

Connected hands: The hands of this clock are connected with each other to form nice shapes while they move and the time is showed by traditional hands.

Modern Colorful Wall Clock Design Ideas
creative clocks

Pong clock: The time is expressed by the score of this game. The left score for the hour and the right score for the minutes.

pong clock stylish modern design

Magnifier clock: The hands of the clock end with magnifying lenses that show the tiny numbers in a larger size to be easily read.

creative clocks

Melting clocks: These clocks look very fantastic and are very beautiful as decorating pieces. They will make you feel that you are inside an oven.

time idea
creative clocks 26

Mathematical clock: You should be good at mathematics to know the time. The numbers of the clock are written in math problems which is a funny way.

creative clocks 19

Beautiful clock: It is a very romantic shape for the clock that looks like a moon or a planet and it is better seen in dark. The other one is a butterfly shaped clock.

The Most Creative Wall Clock Design Ideas

clock idea

Hook clocks: They are two in one clocks as they show time and are used at the same time for hanging clothes.

creative clocks 9

Maze clock: If you like maze games then you will certainly like this game, I mean the clock.

Cool Wall Clocks

Ball clock: It uses balls instead of numbers.


Billiard clock: The clock uses billiard balls with their numbers in stead of writing them on the face of the clock.

billeard balls

Dish clock: a clock with a fork and spoon instead of the traditional hands of the clock.

creative clocks

Wheel clock: A recycled bike wheel used to design this clock.

Recycled Bike Wheel Clock

Flip down clock: A classical shape for the clock which reminds you with the past.


Book clock: A book shaped clock that can be put on a bookshelf.

creative clocks 7

Record player clock: A recycled record player that is turned into a clock.

RCA Victor Record Player Clock

Circular clock: The face of the clock is cut in a nice, simple and elegant shape like a castle from a vintage and old records.

nice wall clock

Coffee cup clock: A clock that is put in a coffee cup and it is good to be put on low surfaces to be seen like the table of the living room or to be hanged on a wall.

kaffee pause creative teacup shaped wall clock


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