Best 10 Trendy Short Hairstyles With Bangs

Short hair with bangs is sexy and fun. If you are thinking of trading in your long locks for a short and sassy new do, you are not alone! Hundreds of women are cutting their hair short to get a break from longer tresses!

Fringe is making a huge comeback this season. Bangs add a sense of mystery and playfulness to any hairstyle but are especially cute with shorter styles such as pixies or short bobs. If you are looking for a radical change that is still sexy and sophisticated, try one of these fabulous looks for short hair with bangs! You won’t be sorry!

10 Ideas for Sexy Short Hair with Bangs

1 Dark Pixie with Wispy Fringe

Pixie cuts are all the rage right now. So many women are trading in their long locks for a short and sexy pixie. And who can blame them? Pixies are easy to style and a great way to show off your gorgeous facial features.

This classic dark pixie will never go out of style. The wispy bangs add a flirty vibe to this edgy hairstyle. And it is so easy to style.  Blow it dry, blowing most of your hair to the side and leaving a few wispy pieces in the front. If you prefer to let your hair dry naturally, take your pomade and style it the same way and allow to air dry for more texture.

Dark-Pixie-hairstyle-with-Wispy-Fringe-675x844 Best 10 Trendy Short Hairstyles With Bangs

2 Platinum Blonde Pixie with Long Side Fringe

Platinum blonde hair will always be sexy. And this silver blonde pixie is no exception. If you want to show off your inner blonde bombshell, then this is the look for you. Ask for long bangs that you can style to one side. Allow them to fall seductively over one eye.

And don’t forget to play up the makeup to accentuate this sultry look. Smokey eyes and bright red lipstick should do the trick nicely.

Platinum-Blonde-hairstyle-Pixie-with-Long-Side-Fringe-675x726 Best 10 Trendy Short Hairstyles With Bangs

3 Asymmetrical Undercut Shaggy Pixie With Side Swept Bangs

Undercut hairstyles are very big this season. And they look fabulous on a short pixie. If you aren’t afraid to go with an edgier style, you can rock this asymmetrical pixie. Ask for layers of varying length throughout and style in a messy style for a carefree vibe that adds a ton of volume.

This look is even more stunning with its darker roots and dark ash blonde highlights that add even more depth to this already textured pixie. Style your hair to one side and let it fall playfully over your face for a mysterious vibe.

Asymmetrical-Undercut-Shaggy-Pixie-hairstyle-With-Side-Swept-Bangs-675x675 Best 10 Trendy Short Hairstyles With Bangs

4 Short Stacked Inverted Bob with Fringe

Stacked haircuts have come a long way. They used to be associated with upper or middle-class suburban housewives, but now they are quite trendy. And this frosty blonde choppy graduated bob with stacked layers in the back adds a ton of depth and dimension. The dark brown base and icy blonde and light ash blonde tones are the perfect contracts between cool and warm tones.

Ask for short, shaggy slit cut bangs and style your hair to one side. Blow it dry, lifting the top layers as you go to add more volume and texture. Leave one long piece in the front to give this sassy style just a hint of a soft edge.

Short-Stacked-Inverted-Bob-with-Fringe-675x675 Best 10 Trendy Short Hairstyles With Bangs

5 Choppy Short Bob with Bangs

Pixie cuts aren’t for everyone, but if you still prefer short hair with bangs, you can always get a short bob. Bob hairstyles are super cute and are not going to fall out of style any time soon. This blonde balayage is pretty with its hand-painted platinum blonde highlights over a slightly dark blonde base for a truly multi-tonal look.

Ask for long wispy bangs that you can style to one side. Also, ask for choppy layers ends and layers. A slight graduated cut will add even more fullness and movement to this choppy bob. It looks even prettier on wavy tresses as they add even more dimension.

Choppy-Short-Bob-with-Bangs-675x844 Best 10 Trendy Short Hairstyles With Bangs

6 Brown Bob with Ash Blonde Highlights and Heavy Bangs

If you prefer the classic A-line bob, then this look might be what you are looking for. It’s a fun and youthful twist on a very classy and timeless hairstyle. Start off with a milky chocolate brown base and ask for warm buttery blonde highlights to add some depth. Ask your stylist to give you slightly choppy adds to add some fullness.

But what pulls this look together is the long heavy fringe. It adds a bit of mystery and romance to this traditional short bob. Blow it dry with a round brush to add volume. Tousle it slightly with your fingers for a sexy, bedhead look that will leave men weak in the knees.

Brown-Bob-with-Ash-Blonde-Highlights-and-Heavy-Bangs-675x675 Best 10 Trendy Short Hairstyles With Bangs

7 Messy Inverted Bob with Eye Grazing Bangs

Inverted bobs are a great short haircut for those who want an easy to manage style. They can be cut with long layers to add volume and texture. This blonde balayage bob is full of depth with its multidimensional blend of light and dark blonde hues. Ask for long bangs that grace your eyes to for a sexy, suggestive vibe. Style it slightly messy to show you have a bit of an edgy side that you aren’t afraid to show off.

Messy-Inverted-Bob-with-Eye-Grazing-Bangs-675x675 Best 10 Trendy Short Hairstyles With Bangs

8 Short Shaggy Voluminous Curly Chin Length Bob with Wispy Fringe

Girls with natural curls will love this short curly bob. You can maximize your volume but still have a cute, super short hairstyle. Ask for shaggy, textured layers to add as much fullness as possible. The chin length cut is very flattering and will nicely highlight your facial features. Ask for wispy fringe to give it a slightly sexy edge.

Spray your hair with a generous amount of sea salt spray, tousle your tresses into a slightly messy style and go! This look is so edgy and fun that you’ll look and feel years younger!!

Short-Shaggy-Voluminous-Curly-Chin-Length-Bob-hairstyle-with-Wispy-Fringe-675x675 Best 10 Trendy Short Hairstyles With Bangs

9 Pumpkin Spice A-Line Bob with Fringe

A-line bobs are very chic and sophisticated. If you want a more polished and refined look, this brilliant light auburn A-line cut could be just what you need. Ask for blunt bangs and style them in a slightly messy fashion for a flirty look. Blow dry your hair straight with a round brush and then run your flat iron through your hair to finish it off with a smooth and silky straight finish. This shiny pumpkin spice color is perfect for the Fall!

Andy-Catz-India-130-3-675x675 Best 10 Trendy Short Hairstyles With Bangs

10 Short and Sassy Brunette Bob with Heavy Fringe

Short hair is so much fun, as you can see with this adorable short bob with a heavy fringe. If you have dark hair and don’t want to change it, this cut is a great way to show off your natural brunette tresses. Ask for long, heavy fringe and chin-length layers. To give this cut even more sass, push it behind your ears to show off your gorgeous cheekbones. Men won’t know what hit them when you walk in the room with this glam-chic short bob! Play it up with dark smokey eyes to drive them wild with passion.

Short-and-Sassy-Brunette-Bob-hairstyle-with-Heavy-Fringe-675x844 Best 10 Trendy Short Hairstyles With Bangs

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