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Top 10 Most Attractive Perfumes for Teenage Guys

Getting the right perfume for teenage guys is just as important as the kind of clothes they are wearing. Try to select the right fragrance, and all the girls will be drooling at your feet. But if you make the wrong selection, then your guess is as good as mine. As someone metamorphosing through his teenage days, you can use a fragrance that depicts both charm and maturity. And above all, you want a perfume that represents your personality and style. Here is our pick presented by Pouted online magazine of the ten best perfumes for teenage guys this year.

1 Nautica Voyage

Teenage guys have particularly liked this perfume because it is cheap and smells nice. If you have not heard about Nautica Voyage before now, it means you have a lot of catching up to do in the world of cologne. This is an ideal pick for any teenage guy who is looking to impress everyone. Take nothing away from its crisp, dry, and refreshing scent. Put this perfume on during the summer season, and you would be amazed at how great you will feel. Nautica has had a reputation for producing fragrances with aquatic touch. Voyage is a 100% representation of that truth.

Nautica Voyage 1 Top 10 Most Attractive Perfumes for Teenage Guys - 2

2 Abercrombie and Fitch Fierce

If you have been a passionate fan of Abercrombie & Fitch, you would not be disappointed by this perfume. For decades now, Fierce has been a top choice for many teenage guys. Fierce’s trademark lies in its masculine touch. Anyone will assume you to be an attractive young man when you wear this perfume. It comes with a vibrant mix of fir, cardamom, orange, and lemon. You can complete your Abercrombie fashion style with this unique scent.

Abercrombie and Fitch Fierce Top 10 Most Attractive Perfumes for Teenage Guys - 3

3 One Million Lucky

Think of any versatile, youthful, and long-lasting scent that is loved by teenage guys, and you have to pen down One Million Lucky on the list. It is designed with a wooden base that gives it an outstanding quality. The manufacturers of this perfume have had a long remarkable history of producing great fragrance. For anyone who has decided to take a more casual path to life, One Million Lucky is just the fragrance you deserve.

One Million Lucky Top 10 Most Attractive Perfumes for Teenage Guys - 4

4 La Nuit d’Homme

There’s a seductive undertone about this contemporary fragrance. As a hot teenage guy, you most likely need scents to attract members of the opposite sex. This perfume lets you get all the attention for what it’s worth. Teenage guys who consider themselves as being sensual and mature can use this perfume as their perfect fragrance. La Nuit d’Homme is a little more expensive than many other conventional perfumes for teenage guys. Nevertheless, that is an investment you will never regret.

La Nuit dHomme Top 10 Most Attractive Perfumes for Teenage Guys - 5

5 Guess Seductive Men

Who wouldn’t want to be a little seductive? I guess you already know the answer to that question. It’s uncommon to come across such a uniquely designed perfume at such a low price. Guess Seductive Men only means you can smell nice without burning a hole in your pocket. Teenage guys can wear this perfume all day long. Guess Seductive Men does not just smell good, but it also smells masculine.

Guess Seductive Men Top 10 Most Attractive Perfumes for Teenage Guys - 6

6 Eau Fraiche

Eau Fraiche is a complete justification of the phrase, “The beautiful ones are not yet born.” This perfume has been described as one of the most fabulous fragrances for teenage guys. No feeling compares to standing out of the crowd with the right scent. Eau Fraiche endows you with confidence and a distinctive smell. If you do not want people to notice you, then do not wear this magnificent perfume. This scent makes you look sophisticated, even while you are still a teenager.

Eau Fraiche Top 10 Most Attractive Perfumes for Teenage Guys - 7

7 Joop Homme

Joop Homme has been on the market shelve for over 30 years, and it’s still got the vibe that makes it thick. This classic, stylish fragrance smells fresh any time any day. Joop Homme is the best way to make a real statement. This scent is loud on its own, allowing you to create the right impression wherever you find yourself. Please make no mistake about it; this perfume is not for everyone.

Joop Homme Top 10 Most Attractive Perfumes for Teenage Guys - 8

8 Rochas Man

Rochas is the best way to illustrate any teenage fragrance. It is an indication of your youthfulness. You will find its sweet-smelling scent most adorable, coupled with a rich blend of coffee and vanilla. As a teenage guy who wants to look outstanding, Rochas is an excellent way to do so. Rochas may be cheap, but it sure makes you appear expensive.

Rochas Top 10 Most Attractive Perfumes for Teenage Guys - 9

9 Polo Black

This designer perfume has become popular due to its versatility. This expensive brand is the right choice for any occasion you plan on being a part of. Whether you are putting it on in the winter or summer, Polo Black always makes you feel confident and comfortable. It can be worn on any typical day when you are in school, and it can also be perfect for a weekend party.

Polo Black Top 10 Most Attractive Perfumes for Teenage Guys - 10

10 360 Red

This stylish perfume indicates that a delightful fragrance mustn’t be overwhelming or too loud. Sometimes a scent is expected to be subtle as possible. The 360 Red has a great smell without having to blow its own trumpet. It has been made of citruses, wood, spices, and musk to ensure a great impression. Whether you want to be the talk of your class, or you’re just looking to impress your date, 360 Red has got you covered with its remarkable fragrance.

360 Red Top 10 Most Attractive Perfumes for Teenage Guys - 11

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