6 Benefits of Outsourcing IT Service Management for a Business

You already know that IT services involve the use of computers for various data related tasks like data storage, classification, analysis, transmission, manipulation, etc. So IT services mainly focus on facilitating the management and operation of almost all your business activities such as product research, production, marketing, sales analysis, competition analysis, customer research, and analysis, etc. Apart from these things, other major business solutions provided by IT services, which are often neglected but carry great importance for the success of your business are Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Database Management (DM), Enterprise Resource Planning & Management (ERP & ERM), Product Quality Management, etc.

As a result, IT services are the backbone of your business, and without them, business is nearly impossible. For this purpose, it is essential that you obtain adequate IT infrastructure backing for your business and maintain it.

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What are the problems arising in IT services?

As you have read, IT services are like the core of your business. But, the setting up and maintenance of IT infrastructure within your business is not as easy as it sounds. You have to splurge a lot on buying a lot of computers, installation of these computers, Internet connection, various hardware, high-cost software applications, etc. Not just that, you also need to hire a fresh batch of the workforce for managing this vast IT infrastructure.

 Outsourcing IT Service Management and its benefits to solve the above problems: 

You can outsource the entire or partial management of your IT service infrastructure to an IT service company like NYC IT Support services. Apart from solving the above problems, outsourcing of IT service management also provides a large number of benefits to you. Following are some of the benefits:

1 Cost Benefit

Outsourcing your managed IT Services helps you in saving a lot of money by maintaining such a costly computer network. Apart from computer network maintenance, the cost of selection, recruitment and training a full-time IT staff can also be extremely expensive, especially if your business size is small or medium. Also, all other additional costs like high-cost software, hardware, etc. requirements are met with by the outsourced firm itself.

2 Professional Working Staff

Maintaining an in-house IT service management staff is a waste of time, efforts, money, and organizational efficiency. Besides, this staff is also not at all professional in its working. As a result, you might ultimately lead to compromise your organization’s efficiency, resources and also period.

All this can be avoided by outsourcing your IT services. The outsourced company will have a full-time dedicated workforce having working experience in IT sector and also they will work with 100% professional approach ensuring efficiency in the management of your business’ IT services.

3 Protection of Your Database from Cyber Attacks

Lately, you might be aware of a wide number of cyber security breaches faced by some of the top global companies because of various threats and attacks through viruses and malware, for instance, Ransomeware. This mainly happens if you manage your business information database in-house. However, if you outsource, you can sit back free from all this stress because an IT service company comes strapped with huge variants for data security and maintaining the integrity of your data.

It provides you with an optional facility to backup your entire data online every 30 days. If your exercise this option, you need not worry about any data theft, cyber-attacks, etc.

It also provides you with a full proof anti-virus and firewall to safeguard your data from hackers, cyber espionage, virus, etc. And on top of that, it regularly ensures that your entire system is up to date with the market competition including security updates.

4 Data Recovery in a disaster situation

As mentioned above, an IT Service Management company provides you with an optional facility of regular data backup. But this backup is online, which is a cloud-based storage system. Apart from this, an Outsourced firm also provides you with other data recovery options whereby although you might not have opted for a regular data backup, but they shall maintain it all by themselves making you full proof from all kinds of disasters such as Fire breakouts, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, etc. and Man-made disasters like bombing, terrorism, espionage, etc.

5 In case you are a Medical Organization then IT service management firm helps in HIPAA and Audit compliance

If you are a Medical Organization, then as per the HIPAA Act 2013, you are compulsorily required to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of your Patient Health Information called as PHI in short. Not only maintenance of this information is essential, but also you need to undergo an Audit of the same with the required compliance.

All this maintenance of data and Audit compliance can waste a lot of your precious time and money. So, an IT service firm does all this data storage securely and also manages your Audit compliance efficiently.

6 Gathering and Analyzing data related to Market trends and Customer Preference

As a business enterprise, you always need to conduct different surveys and research processes to gather information about the market competition, customer requirements, etc. After gathering it, analyze it and devise your product and production accordingly.

But all this research and survey procedures can be very time to consume and costly. Thus, Outsourcing helps you save all this cost and effort, and you get a ready secondary data about the market trends and customer behavior.


Thus you have seen how vital Information Technology (IT) is for your business. Right from Market research, Customer behavior analysis & Product designing accordingly, up to Marketing and Sales Analysis, IT plays the primary role everywhere. Thus, IT is the essence of your business in a way. But managing these IT services is not all easy. You face Cost issues, Personnel Problems, infrastructure problems, etc. due to which your business is ultimately affected. To ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of your IT infrastructure, you must outsource your IT services to an IT Service Management company which does all your IT related work professionally and efficiently.

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Sujain Thomas has been writing on IT services for the last five years. She has written some articles on this subject. In this post, she has given a brief idea about the advantages of outsourcing IT services. You can go through his other posts to collect more information on this topic.

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