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5 Benefits of Renting a Private Jet

However many think the opposite, private jets can be a practical and affordable option for more than a reason. Here are five benefits of a private jet.

1 Cost

People who can afford to take private jets probably do, for it saves them the hassle of commercial flying. Renting a private jet is relatively more affordable than you might think. It becomes more and more convenient if a group of people is traveling together. Unlike traveling on a commercial aircraft, you do not pay for each passenger on the private jet. Whether you are two or ten, it does not matter; the cost is fixed: $5.000 per hour, as you rent the plane itself, not seats in it. Actually, a group traveling in the first class on a commercial flight could pay more. Plus, when you consider the comfortable experience of s private flight, Private jet rental cost becomes more and more reasonable.

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2 Flexibility

Indeed renting a private jet gives you a wide margin of flexibility. You set the flight time that suits your schedule, and if you reach the airport late, you won’t miss the flight. Besides, it is possible to fly to multiple places on the same day. A further benefit of privet jets regarding flexibility is that they could land in small airports that commercial airlines do not fly to. It means that you can land closer to your destination.

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3 Having access to +10.000 airport

When you rent a luxury plane, all the details of the travel become under your control. You are free to fly to your destination on the day and time that suit you. Among the details that you have control over are the airports where the private jet lands. You gain access to more than 10,000 airports worldwide, utilizing smaller airports to arrive closer to your destination or travel directly to remote airports miles from the nearest commercial hub. Besides, a private flight allows you to travel non-stop towards your destination. So, it saves you time-consuming, lengthy layovers of commercial flights.

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4 Dealing with baggage is way smoother

Commercial airlines often turn the process of checking in baggage more dramatic than it deserves. Plus, you mostly have to pay for baggage and conform to their luggage restrictions. On the other hand, with a private jet charter, these issues do not exist. All baggage is free; it is placed in the storage department or onboard. Therefore, access your luggage during the flight becomes quite easy.

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5 Working While Flying

To be productive, accomplish some work on a commercial flight is quite challenging. No matter how hard you try to focus, you will always be distracted by the others around you, their moves, and voices. Plus, there is no privacy, so discussing sensitive matters and information is not possible. If you need to do any of this, private travel is the answer. In a private jet, quietness and privacy are guaranteed; you and your team can freely discuss important details for an upcoming meeting, for example, or about the business strategy and finish important tasks while in the air.

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