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Benefits of Creating Your Own Layout

Many people asked me: Is there any benefits to make my own layout?

Creating your own layout can be fun when it comes to planning and the designing portion. If you are someone with great artistic skills, you will love working on your website design project. With your own design, visitors will be able to recognize your site easily, separating you from the hundreds of other websites. Also, a custom layout indicates that you are serious about your business or blog. It’s possible to purchase existing layouts for your site, but you cannot say it’s your own design. If you are someone who builds and sells websites for a living, you will be able to make a larger profit just by creating a layout that is 100% unique, meaning that no one else has it. Here are just a few benefits of make your own layout:

  • Brand

Create a stunning site that matches your brand and once you show it to the world, it will take off. We are assuming that you have already optimized your site and gained some visitors in this case. Your visitors will remember your site if you have a unique design and they can separate it from other competitor sites, which makes it easier for them to come back. A site with a generic website layout templates, usually doesn’t gain that much attention in the first place, unless it has tons of visitors.

  • Backlinks

If you are a web designer who creates themes for a living, you probably know how easy it is just to get traffic and backlinks for your site. For example, a designer will create one free theme, with a link back to their theme directory. This beautiful layout will have the backlink in the footer and every time someone installs it on their blog, they will get a link back. People love free stuff so this is an incredibly viral method. Now you know why so many theme sites are able to obtain a high page rank in little time.

  • Profit

Creating your own layout design will give you a larger profit if you decide to sell it. The investment may be high but you will definitely make a high profit. If you plan on selling your site on Flippa, you’d be surprised at how much you could sell it for. However, make sure your design is flawless and looks professional.


So, What if I can’t make my own layout …

If, you can’t make your own layout, you can hire expert or use professional software from popular and trusted company to do it for you.

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