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Become a Professional Forex Trader with OANDA

53470-fxtrade-box Become a Professional Forex Trader with OANDA
There are many Forex brokers on the internet who offer to help you to know how to trade in the Forex market. One of the leading online Forex dealers or firms in this field is OANDA. It provides its customers with the computer and financial technology and both of them are substantial for trading in the Forex market on the internet and for getting the necessary currency information services.

oanda Become a Professional Forex Trader with OANDA

♦ Perfect for professional and casual traders

It does not matter whether you are individual, large corporation, portfolio manager or financial institution because you will get all the services that you need to trade professionally. OANDA is not only suitable for professional traders, but it can also be used by casual traders who are not experienced in trading in the Forex market. OANDA provides its customers with tutorials and other resources to help them to learn how to trade in the Forex market professionally.

New-Picture Become a Professional Forex Trader with OANDA


You can trust OANDA to get all the information that you need about the Forex market and the currencies that you want to trade. It provides you with the essential currency data as it accesses one of the largest historical databases in the world that comes with high frequency and filtered currency. OANDA has customers from many countries around the world and that is why it offers many pairs that cannot not be found with most of the other online Forex dealers. You will not only be allowed to trade currency pairs, but you will be also provided with the ability to trade precious metals such as silver and gold.

oanda-boxoption Become a Professional Forex Trader with OANDA

♦ Several platforms

With OANDA, you do not need to worry about the platform that you are going to use. You will find many platforms from which you can choose what suits you such as the fxTrade platform that allows you to trade over 90 pairs of currencies and metals and is used by most of the customers with OANDA, Meta Trader 4 platform that is commonly known as MT4, API platform and in addition to these platforms you will also find mobile trading platform that can be easily used on your mobile phone to allow you to trade Forex at any place wherever it is.

oandaBB Become a Professional Forex Trader with OANDA

♦ No Discrimination & tight spreads

You will get access to the same features that are presented to other traders without discrimination, there are no hidden fees and you will be provided with tight and low spreads, real-time rates, latest changes that are always updated, quality execution, advanced and easy-to-use trading tools, open and transparent market and automated transactions. You can place trades easily at anytime even on the weekend and you can trade just one unit of the base currency.

♦ Demo account

In order not to risk your money, OANDA offers a demo account that does not have an expiry date and such a demo account helps you to try trading in the Forex market without the need to lose your money or risk your life for being new and a beginner in this field. You will be provided with real changes and rates to make you feel that you are really trading Forex and do not only try to do it to test your abilities, skills and strategies in trading Forex.

oanda_with_marketreport Become a Professional Forex Trader with OANDA

♦ Perfect customer support

In order not to feel that you are lost while using the services that are presented by OANDA, it offers a perfect 24/5 customer support to answer all of your questions and handle all the problems that you may encounter. There are many support channels that are offered to you such as phone, Fax, e-mail, live chat and the ability to meet the support team personally and you have to book an appointment before this meeting. OANDA has many subsidiaries around the world such as US, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan and Asia Pacific in Singapore to provide its customers with the needed help and to make them satisfied.

oanda-technical-analysis Become a Professional Forex Trader with OANDA

• Cons

Some of the customers who tried to trade with OANDA complain about MT4 or the Meta Trader 4 platform and see that it is not good like other platforms especially fxTrade platform. Other customers see that the spreads can become high and wide during the news in the market which is not accepted by some of them.

Finally, the overall rating for OANDA is that it is reliable and recommended by most of the traders who tried to trade in the Forex market with it. They assure that it helped them to make profits easily and quickly and they did not encounter serious problems. The tools that are offered can be easily used and the spreads are tight if they are compared to other Forex brokers.

2013-07-22_1343 Become a Professional Forex Trader with OANDA

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