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Be Like a Queen with Your Crown [79 Newest Trends…]

The bride loves to be like a queen in her wedding day and this won’t complete without her crown that completes the look of her wedding dress. So choosing the right crown is the first step and the second step is choosing the hairstyle or veil┬áthat suits the crown and gives you the royal look you want.

There are many designs and sizes from tiaras or bridal crowns and choosing the right crown is based on your own face shape.

If you have a round face then you are in front of the tall and big crown that gives you the perfect oval look.

But if your face was long then you have to choose the small flat tiara in order not to make your face seems taller than its nature. If you have a small thin face then stay away from large crowns which will make your face very tiny compared to its reality.

Most of the bridal crowns are made from silver, white gold that add alight touch or pearls that give brides the classic elegant look. Some tiaras come with mini-combs to be able to attach it easily in your hair without any need of using too many pins. And some of them come with bands to slide it on your hair.

Watch out of using the hair spray to stabilize the crown in your hair as it sticks into the crown surface, turns off its luster and makes the crown unclean.

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