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8 Basics of Choosing Best Hosting Company

choosing-best-hosting-company1 8 Basics of Choosing Best Hosting Company
You could be confused by the different plans offered by hosting companies. We will try to help you know the basics of choosing one hosting website over another. This is a simple explanation that I hope is useful enough.

There are many questions concerning hosting. What is the best hosting plan? What are the web addresses of companies hosting special websites?

To answer these questions, standards must be laid down for each client i.e. you will be the one deciding what you want. Following are some general and important elements that should be observed when choosing a hosting company.


1.) Storage Space:

It is one of the important elements of hosting. It has many terms like “space” or “storage”. It is usually measured by Giga Bytes (GB). You decide how much space you need depending on the nature and content of your website and whether or not you will be using sizable files or pictures. International companies offer huge storage spaces but you must make sure that your files are legal. To find a good host for your website look for better space.


2.) Traffic:

It is also an important aspect of hosting and it has many terms as well: Traffic, Bandwidth, or Data Transfer.
It is usually measured by GB; but sometimes it is measured by Terabytes (TB). A TB equals 1000 Gigabytes. In most websites, the service is measured by GB. The needed traffic for your website depends on the number of visitors and the size of loaded files. A good hosting service would surely include good traffic.


3.) Add-On Domains:

It is, I think, the most important element to look for in the whole process of hosting. They are generally
called “Add-On Domains” or “Hosted Domains”. They must not be mixed with Sub-Domains or Parked Domains. It happened once that I paid for a service that offered 20 Domains in their hosting plan; later on I discovered they were Parked Domains and got paid back.

Companies differ in the number of hosted domains they offer; some would offer 5, 10 or even an unlimited number of. In most websites they offer only one domain. You would think that it is not that important to have more than one domain since you are only hosting one website. But what if you would, later on, want to host another?! You will, then, have to look for another company and pay again for another domain. With the Add-On Domain service you will be able to divide your space and make numerous Data Transfers to an unlimited number of websites. Every website will have its own pages, databases, e-mail addresses… etc, with a single payment.

Make sure to choose a suitable company for future expansion plans. This service does not affect costs because, as we will see later, it is made available by many companies.


4.) Number of Databases:

You certainly do not want to load all your data into one database. That is why numerous databases is a needed advantage. It is also very important if you have many domains. Every domain will then have its own applications and will need a number of databases.

Most International websites offer only a small number of databases but some offer a good number ranging form 25 to 100. A few companies offer unlimited number. Ask about this before you decide on plan. Some companies do not refer to this on their websites. You should then ask about it on the Help page or write an inquiry to the company.


5.) Customer Service:

If you do not ensure good customer support, you will end up waiting for hours without an answer while your website is closed. Best companies offer 24/7 customer service all year long, even in vacations. It works mostly by a ticket system. You open a ticket to get a quick answer which would take in best companies 10 minutes to an Hour. As to international websites, the majority are run by a personal account on Wrestler. If the person is not available you will not be answered. There are other official companies that work full time. Know who you are dealing with because it is eventually about the availability your own website.


6.) Money Back Guarantee:

It is available usually in a maximum of 30 days. Some companies offer a range of 90 days but that is very rare. You still need to verify the company by looking for a permanent address, a phone number and a fax. Call them and ask about it.


7.) Installing Applications:

Personally, I think this is very important. If you want to install a magazine, a forum or an outside album, imagine the time you will spend uploading all their files, setting a database for each and then installing each one separately. Moreover, you still have to get permissions for files and folders necessary to complete the application.
Most companies offer this service via special software. The most common is ” Fantastico”. You can inquire about this service with companies before purchase because some companies may mention using scripts but those may not include ” Fantastico”.


8.) Magazines:

The most recurring problems facing users of magazines and other scripts are “Safe-mood” and “Register-Globals”. Most companies do not stop either. They could be stopped by modifying the php.ini file. This counts as a very important service.
By modifying this file you can control other settings; like increasing the size of files uploaded from the explorer to your website. It is well-known that these settings are adjusted thus for security issues but be careful when accessing this file.

Due to the huge number of foreign companies, the inability to know and verify them and the language barrier I have done a research about the best hosting companies and found more than 30; then reduced them to 15 companies. The following top hosting companies page has a comparison that shows the differences between them:

TOP Web Hosting Companies

I hope this is useful enough. You can republish it for the benefit of those interested in hosting.

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