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AWP | Dragon Lore — Prices & Tips

The AWP | Dragon Lore is the pipe dream of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community. The expensive, beautiful, and incredibly rare sniper rifle blows the minds of every fan of this shooter. At least, this is what we usually see watching stream videos with the lucky ones who managed to drop D-Lore from the case. Why? The first reason is that it is just fantastic to appear in the game with this rifle and see the reaction of your friends and rivals. The second reason is, of course, its price: having bought the key for a couple of dollars, you kind of win the lottery because D-Lore costs a fortune, and you can sell it for good money. So, let’s look at the current prices together.

1 How Much Does the Basic Version of Dragon Lore Cost?

First of all, you should sit down before checking the price: an unprepared user can get shocked by the cost of this skin in dollars. It is worth starting from the worst to the best quality of the AWP Dragon Lore:

  • Battle-Scarred — $2,800–3,400;
  • Well-Worn — $4,000;
  • Field-Tested — $4,500;
  • Minimal Wear — $7,400;
  • Factory New — $8,500–13,500.

The price tag is huge, so the skin is often out of reach. However, for wealthy users, this purchase can be the highlight of their collection. Envious glances and admiration are guaranteed for the owner. But it is worth remembering that it is hard to buy this rifle. Therefore, you will have to monitor the market around the clock.

The AWP 1 AWP | Dragon Lore — Prices & Tips - 1
It is worth remembering that it is hard to buy this rifle. Therefore, you will have to monitor the market around the clock.

2 How Much Does the Souvenir Version Cost?

If these prices fail to surprise you, there is some news for you. There is a souvenir version of the skin, and it is unlikely that you will be able to buy it because these rifles have long been kept by collectors in inventories. However, the price tag can be distinguished:

  • Battle-Scarred — $17,500;
  • Well-Worn — $22,900;
  • Field-Tested — $28,500;
  • Minimal Wear — $48,750;
  • Factory New — $68,000.

We can safely say that the Dragon Lore souvenir version is worth as much as an apartment or a brand-new car. It is not surprising that many rich people really want to become the owners of this skin version. However, not every collector wants to sell their treasure.

The AWP. AWP | Dragon Lore — Prices & Tips - 2

3 How to Get Dragon Lore in CS:GO

AWP | Dragon Lore is the rarest and most expensive weapon skin in CS: GO. It’s truly hard to get it. There are several options for obtaining this skin:

  • Playing in the Cobblestone map and waiting for it to drop is the cheapest option, but getting an AWP this way will be challenging or almost impossible;
  • You can also open cases with this weapon skin. The disadvantage of this method is that the cases are, again quite hard to get, and the chance of getting a successful drop is small;
  • For the most impatient and rich gamers, there is an option of buying Dragon Lore in the Steam store or an alternative platform, but the price will be very high.

In general, these are the three main options you can choose from. Here are a few more ways to get this weapon. For example, you can craft your D-Lore alternative from M4A1-S | Knight. You will need from one to 10 such skins. The thing is that the fewer M4A1-S you use during the craft, the fewer chances of D-Lore dropping. Choose the method which is the best for you, and enjoy the game!

How to Get Dragon Lore in CS AWP | Dragon Lore — Prices & Tips - 3

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