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Awesome and Dazzling Suspended Ceiling Decorations

When we decide to design or renew our homes, we always care about designing and decorating floors, walls, and other surfaces because they are at the level of anyone’s eyes, but what about the ceiling?!!! We always forget about it because it does not attract attention or because it is located at a higher level that is rarely considered to be important for many of us. The only common way that we use for decorating the ceiling of our homes is to use lights whether they are recessed, pendants,s or chandeliers which are the most common and fabulous of all of them. We neglect the other ways of decoration that are used in different places for attractions. There is what is called suspended ceiling decoration which refers to what we hang in the suspended ceiling to make it more catchy and make the place look awesome.

The suspended ceiling is another ceiling that lies below the original ceiling for both protection and changing the shape. Decorating the ceiling can be done by using different materials such as metal, wood, tiles, aluminum, glass, porcelain, and crystals. Some of the decorative pieces that are used in the suspended ceiling come to change the shape of the ceiling to look more attractive while other pieces of decoration come for both ornamenting and illuminating the ceiling.

decorative cubes
decorative circles

You can use suspended ceiling panels that come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. There are panels that come with patterns to change the shape of the ceiling and make it more attractive. The panels take different shapes such as the shape of the rectangle and square. It is not necessary for building the suspending ceiling to use tiles and panels which are flat, as there are other shapes for suspended ceiling such as those which look like waves and they may come to cover a part of the original ceiling and not all of it. Some of these shapes need a large space to be applied, so they can be used in open places and halls such as restaurants and exhibitions but it may be difficult to apply them at homes.

suspended ceiling
suspended ceiling glass

Suspended ceiling lights are necessary for illuminating the ceiling. Chandeliers and pendant lamps are other fabulous ways for decorating the suspended ceiling and making it eye-catching for anyone. In addition to illuminating the room, they give it an awesome look that can last for a long time and this is considered to be an easy and cheap way for renewing the place without spending a lot of money. Chandeliers can be found in different sizes to suit the place in which they will be hung and they are more functional than the other ways of decoration.

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Modular porcelain ceiling downlight interior design accessories1 on Archinspire
pendaent lamp
small crystals
black and white
LBL Mademoiselle suspension-Gold

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