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Automatic Backlink Creator Plugin by Greg Review | ABC3K Review

About The Automatic Backlink Creator WordPress Plugin:

The Automatic Backlink Creator (ABC3K Plugin) is designed as a WordPress plugin to help generate hundreds of back links automatically to your blog or website. These back links will help to boost traffic and improve the sites ranking in the search engine results.

Greg, the developer of this amazing product, states that he has been working on it for nearly one year. In addition to the plugin, he also provides many user-friendly videos that will help you to install; setup and use the software. The plugin also comes with tons of features and is updated regularly.

Read this Automatic Backlink Creator review to find out about my actual experience while using this plugin.


Automatic Backlink Creator Plugin Features:

First of all, you should know that even though this plugin is packed with many features, it’s updated with new ones on a regular basis.

When using this plugin, your website will be indexed and pinged automatically daily. One of the ways that this plugin helps to generate traffic is to allow members to post back links to each other.

There is also a feature that will allow you to add limitless articles with four URLs in each of them. The plugin will completely automate the back link building process to make it more effective and inexpensive for you to boost web traffic.

How Automatic Backlink Creator Plugin Works:

The Automatic Backlink Creator will automatically generate hundreds of back links and then post them to related blogs to increase the popularity of your site. After generating the back links, the plugin will also point them to your chosen URLs which can include affiliate links, links to inner page, article links and so on.

You can enter several links in the system, as well as the keywords to match the amount of links. When the plugin adds the link on the relevant blog, keywords will be assigned randomly and this will be displayed in the blog’s anchor text.

In addition, you can submit unlimited articles to generate maximum back links that you can post on other users blogs. In my opinion, this feature is really unique because you will get a never-ending supply of fresh blogs.

What Makes Automatic Backlink Creator Different:

Using the Automatic Backlink Creator will allow you to see a dramatic improvement in your website ranking on all the top search engines. As you can imagine, this will give you an overwhelming advantage over the competition.

After using this plugin for just a few weeks, I have had some incredible results. This plugin is offering a platform so that you can do anything, from posting articles, creating categories to sending out back links to hundreds of network users.

One of the reasons why this plugin is different from the others is that Greg has an excellent ticket support system and will reply promptly if you have any concerns.

What’s more, this plugin is more affordable than similar programs that I have used in recent time. This plugin has definitely helped me to generate organic back links to boost the web traffic.

What I didn’t Like in The Automatic Backlink Creator WordPress Plugin:

The only drawback I had when using this plugin is that there is a mandatory requirement to use WP theme that will support the widgets.


In addition to offering a rock solid guarantee that users will get free updates, Greg will also refund the full amount that was spent after 60 days if you are not FULLY satisfied.

 Automatic Backlink Creator Bonus Or Discount Offers:

You will get Automatic Backlink Creator bonus software (as Limited Offer) when you download it!

Final Conclusion:

Based on the amazing results that I have had, I will strongly recommend the Automatic Backlink Creator plugin to anyone who want to increase the ranking of their website.

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