Are Bamboo Sheets the Best Choice?

Humans have devised a wide range of sleeping surfaces. Consumers may choose between spring and memory foam mattresses, bamboo, and goose down pillows, to name just a few of the options. When it comes to sheets, cotton is still ubiquitous, but the boost in environmental awareness pushes many customers to seek even more eco-friendly alternatives. Sheets are no less critical for your quality of sleep than the pillow and the mattress. They must be soft and hypoallergenic. Today, the most common dilemma concerns the choice between cotton and bamboo. Let’s see if the best bamboo sheets made of panda food are superior to conventional fabrics.

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Is Bamboo More Natural?

Bamboo grows naturally in areas that would otherwise constitute wasteland. This tall grass grows so incredibly fast that we can rest assured there is enough for pandas and humans alike. Cotton, on the other hand, is grown using pesticides, some of which may even affect human health. It is important to understand that bamboo fibers in their natural state are too rough to be used for bed linen. In most cases, they are subjected to chemical treatment, and the nature of these chemicals defines their actual sustainability. Some go through a viscose process, turning into cloth, the first-generation bamboo fabric. Lyocell bamboo sheets are the only genuinely eco-friendly option. The manufacturing cycle involves only non-toxic solvent, and it is a closed-loop.

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1 Softness

Even though super soft cotton sheets may be found, they are only an exception to the rule. During the manufacturing process, the treatment of bamboo fibers makes them much softer to the touch than the old-school sheets.

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2 Comfort

Pay attention to the thread count of the cotton material. The higher it is, the softer the fabric. As the range of these products is extensive, it includes rougher, low-thread count types, as well as luxurious softness. Bamboo alternatives win hands down. Generally, bamboo sheets are superior to cotton, according to jonsguide.

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3 Durability

Each set of bedding comes with instructions from its manufacturer. If you pay attention and follow those closely, there shouldn’t be problems. After all, sheets need to be washed and ironed properly. Bamboo sheets are likely to serve you longer. However, it is vital to wash them gently and follow the temperature guidelines.

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4 Heat Absorption

You will feel hotter on cotton sheets, as bamboo is a naturally breathable material. Again, the most expensive cotton fabrics are also breathable, but they cannot compete with bamboo on price.

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5 Price

In either category, there are cheaper and pricier options. Although bamboo linen costs more than the lower end cotton products, in comparison with better cotton fabric, the difference is small.

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Bottom Line

All in all, although bamboo sheets are not as sustainable as advertisers want us to believe, they are still superior to cotton in many respects. Such types as Egyptian cotton are exceptionally gentle and soft. However, they do not cost you less in comparison.

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