Arabs top the list of the richest dictator in history

All over the world Arabs Presidents become of the richest people they Seized it from the funds of their own people Without any morals or thinking in their people and how they will suffer or will live without their basic needs in life.

According to Anevstubedia website Specialist in global financial affairs.there are five Arabs presidents  entered  the list of the richest dictator in history thanks to wide political powers and are not subjected to the control of elected popular organizations.

1.previous president of Libya: Qaddafi president.

After Libya revolution European countries frozen 35 billion dollars in Qaddafi bank account and his total wealth is 75 billion dollars.

2.previous president of Yemen:Ali Abdullah Saleh.

saleh wealth is estimated of  32 billion dollars.

3. current president of Syria: Bashar Al-Assad.

He is a dentist and controlled fortune almost estimated 122 billion dollars of Syrian money,Britain frozen almost one billion and half.


4. previous Egyptian president : Mohamed hosny mubark .

He is a pilot ,mubark and his family earned during his reign nearly 70 billion dollars.

5.previous Tunisian president : Zain El aabdin bn Ali.

his fortune reached 7 billion dollars ,but his wife wealth more than his wealth because she Smuggling large quantities of pure gold after the fall of her husband.

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