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Customers and Editortial Review of Apollo Hosting Company

Having been in business as a web host service provider since the year 1998, Apollo has been able to come out as one of the most professional company in the industry. Apollo hosting has always managed to achieve this through strong tie-ups with stakeholders especially the customers. It has moved on to establish relationships with the best software firms to enhance their hosting skills as well as services. Having been in the industry for this period of time, Apollo has been able to beat most of its competitors and this has been evidenced through several awards.

Apollo hosting features:
Apollo web hosting services are diverse and at affordable prices. It has host Name servers as well as File transfer protocol. With all these services comes a lot of support to its clients and they offer promotion codes.

The firm has declared its commitment to deliver to the customer an excellent service with the most powerful business tools for web hosting. Posting your queries to the Apollo host will never frustrate you since there is always someone to attend to you on these issues. This in-house technical support is available all through out the year, twenty four hours a day and seven days in a week. A lot of information will be at disposal for you like knowledge base, online manuals, Training facilities through video tutorials among others.

Apollo Hosting Reliability & Reputation:
In terms of reliability, the firm assures you of a very high percentage of uptime failure to which the client will be credited for each downtime experienced. The hosting process comes with a 30 day funds back guarantee. This entails that you can cut down the services that you are getting from apollo web hosting courageously owing to the fact that you cannot lose your money for this. This constraint of time is valid within 30 days only and after that, you fall on the other side of no risk guarantee. This one only covers the prepaid months. Apollo hosting provides enough information on the risk coverage and this resides in the world class servers. The data center is redundant and linked to the Frontier global center, Qwest and Genuity. This is backed by a fiber optic link.

Customer Support:
The customer will always be the final judge to what ever you are delivering in the industry. The company has tried to establish strong relationships with the customers. One of the biggest secrets behind proper customer relationship management is that, he/she will always give feedbacks on the product and or service and this will result to customize manufacturing hence customer satisfaction and the firm is strong it.

To be able to achieve the relationship targets, they have been able to provide chat support, toll free support which is accessible all days except Saturdays and Sundays and it is operational as from 8 – 5 on weekdays. A full link with the company is backed by a 24 hour chat which ensures communication. Conducting the client is also empowered and you can have your number within a two hour time frame after a call.

Promotional Apollo hosting offers:
1- Free 7 day trial VPS hosting
2- Free 7 day trial Dedicated hosting
3- Free site moves for Customers moving from another host.

Apollo hosting Coupons & Apollohosting.com Coupon Codes:
1- 30% Discount or 7 Months Free when paying for 2 years hosting
2- Apply Apollo hosting coupon “APOLLO10” during checkout to get another 10% extra discount.

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Your web hosting needs are sustainable with Apollo web hosting due to the quality services that they have been providing in the market all through. Though they have some short comings, they are believed to be quite reliable and ahead with the best web hosts in the industry.



  1. Apollo Hosting is a top web hosting company. After having my websites on their systems for two years, I do not have any regrets whatsoever for working with Apollo. Previously, I had been looking around among many other hosting companies before I finally settled on Apollo web hosting company.

    Services are great at Apollo. The company even has an e-mail filter that blocks about 99% of all spam coming at your website on their own server, which really takes the heat off your back.

    Also, you will notice that your websites will rarely be down at any time. You will also realize that your websites will run very smoothly on Apollo. During the setup of my websites, the staff was always around to help me.

  2. We’ve been using apollo hosting for 2 years now. Support times are good. I like their unlimited services (prime plan), TRULY UNLIMITED DISKSPACE AND BANDWIDTH.

    It’s one web host provider that offers services such as giving you the control over your websites. If you are in business and are looking at getting the best services apollo hosting will give value for your money.

    They are by far the best in every category.

  3. BEWARE: Before switching to Apollo Hosting, google some new reviews from them. They used to be one of the best deals around for years and we had many accounts with them, but what has happened during the past years or so, loosing data, unable to repair damages, long on-hold lines, changing owners and other shady business has changed them like day to night! So before you make a deal with them, google Apollo Hosting Reviews or something, and make sure you read what the real problems are. This note applies to the other 20 or so hostings as well which runs nowadays under Endurance International Group.

    The best explanation I found so far has been at webhostingtalk(dot)com and their thread number 880267. Read it and get some second hand opinnion. I only have mine which kinda ruined 95% of my business. I switched to another (hopefully more reliable) hosting company, but I also found the Apollo Hosting is made realy hard to cancel… Don’t expect fast answers when you’re doing your final “how to cancel” call!

  4. Scared to read about Apollo Hosting and what have they become! They messed up 3 of my hosting accounts by loosing all data from 2 of them and partially recovering them to the third account which should be completely separate from the other two! It resulted a similar problem as the walmart website would be now accessed thru ebay.com/mydomains/walmart/ which is not funny…
    I’d move my hosting out of there in a hurry, but after the damages were done there’s not much to move. All Google rankings are out of wack and my business’ in ruins. More tax $’s wasted on another enterpreneur, who’s business was ruined by Apollo Hosting. Sorry for all you taxpayers….

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