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On August 8, 2008
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Aplus.Net’s mission is to eliminate the need to have a number of online vendors by providing a dependable but versatile hosting and marketing option for the client. The focus is on the small business entrepreneur, to whom a number of well thought out, in-house and dedicated services are offered. These include domain registration, marketing, web design and of course, different types of hosting; shared, managed or simply web.

Aplus.Net Hosting Features:

The key features of Aplus hosting site are mentioned below:

* Dependability: Aplus.Net hosting has been around since 1995, when commerce was first introduced on the internet. It has survived the dotcom crash without losing customers, which just goes to prove they provided good services and have evolved over time.
* Recognition: Aplus.Net is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Small Business Specialist. They have received numerous awards, including the top-rated CNET Editor’s Choice award and ‘Most Popular’ rating. They have also featured in top business and technology media, such as Christian Science Monitor, ABC News, PC Magazine, Forbes, etc.
* Security and Uptime Guarantee: Aplus.Net has state of the art data centres at Phoenix and San Diego, using the best products available; networking is on Cisco, servers are Intel based and data storage is on Seagate. Using these allows for the promised 99.9% uptime being regularly met. In addition, Aplus.Net has dedicated servers with premier shared hosting plans.
* Affordability: Web hosting starts at $ 4.46 per month, which is a great bargain! Moreover, domain name registration is free. Servers are available from $ 45.00 per month and bandwidth is un-metered. Backup can be both self managed and / or fully managed. Web design consultation is free and website would be live in 12 days. Design plans begin from $ 50.00 per month. Domain registration services begin at $ 9.99 per year.
* Customer Service: Aplus.Net has completely US based support services, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and on all 365 days in the year. Moreover, this help is available LIVE. The phone support is available at 1-877-275-8763 in the US and 1-858-410-6929 for those outside the US. Online help is also available.

Other Aplus Hosting Features:

In addition, there are a whole lot of other features available to clients of Aplus.Net. These include availability of SEO and Flash options, managed email as well as DNS services. Aplus.Net is an ICANN accredited registrar for domain names and provides domain protection as well as name transfer services.


All in all, a great pedigree for a web hosting site that takes pride in sticking with their customers … they did not sell their clients to larger companies when the dotcom disaster shook the industry. Aplus.Net caters primarily to a niche market and have specialized in their field. Loyalty from their customers and loyalty to their customers has ensured the success of Aplus.Net over all of the last 15 years. So, if you are an entrepreneur starting out or already running a small business enterprise,

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should be THE automatic choice for hosting your website!

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