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AnHosting.com Review ! Makes a Great Place to Get Started on Your Website.

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AnHosting.com is part of the UK2 Group, a large web hosting company dedicated to delivering value for money to every single one of their clients. As this isn’t just a ‘fly by night’ hosting company, you know that you are going to receive unbeatable value at an unbeatable price, time and time again. Ever since it’s company founding in 2001, it has stuck true to these values. This is why AnHosting.com is now one of the largest web hosting companies in the world serving hundreds of thousands of websites on a daily basis.


 Anhosting Package:

In a true ‘One Size Fits All’ approach, the company offers only one package to their clients, although to be perfectly honest, you don’t need anything more than the one package. It claims to offer ‘unlimited’ of everything, although as you are probably aware, this is a hard claim to live up to as nothing can truly ever be unlimited. However, at the low price point that they are charging, it is hard to turn your nose up at this offer if you are looking to start a personal website. If you are a ‘business’ site then you may find that you get turned off their hosting pretty quickly, as they do rely on companies not consuming too many resources at one time (this would cause the other websites to go down!) . You will have to pay for a year in advance, but you do get a free domain name with this, so it is pretty cost effective.


 Anhosting Control Panel:

Of course, like any good web host, they use the cPanel hosting platform for controlling your websites. This means that anybody is quickly able to jump in and play around with their websites as they see fit. From here you will be able to access a number of ‘one click’ installations for some of the biggest open source pieces of software out there online. This means that with AnHosting.com you could end up getting your website online and running quicker than you can count to three. To cap this all off, you are provided with some SEO Tools and FREE $100 Search Engine Credits to help boost your website up to the point where it is ranking incredibly well in the search engines, drawing you in revenue and paying back those hosting fees that much quicker.

If you are running a ‘marketing’ business then you will be pleased to know that AnHosting offers an ‘autoresponder’ service (again unlimited) built into the service. You can only send 200 emails max an hour though, however, if you are planning to run a small business from this website then that should be sufficient.


 Additional services:

you can pay for include dedicated IP Addresses and SSL Certificates, all of which come in at a pretty low cost compared to other hosting providers out there.


 Customer Support:

The area which really does ‘make or break’ a company though is in the customer support. I am pleased to inform you that AnHosting doesn’t falter here. They have dedicated 24/7 customer support in the United States, and a multitude of ways in which to get in touch with them. Although to be honest, with a 99.9% uptime, you probably won’t need to get in touch with them too often.


 Anhosting Offers:

Honestly, AnHosting makes a great place to get started on your website, or if you are not happy with your current provider. With a low monthly price, and a domain name thrown in, you really can’t go wrong!

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