Android VS iPhone: Which Is Better for You?

The time has come to upgrade your phone leaving you with one question: what cell phone do I want to try next? Androids and iPhones are ruling the market, but while they are both popular options, there are some significant differences to consider. In this quick post, we will cover the pros and cons of each to help you decide which type of phone is best for you.

Let’s begin!

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The Advantages iPhone Has Over Android

Probably the biggest benefit of having an iPhone that Android can’t match is iOS software updates. When a user updates their phone, Apple will support this update for 5-6 years after the release date while Android only guarantees these updates for 2-3 years.

Since Apple offers this long-term value, iPhones can be handed down to family members or sold when it’s time for an upgrade. There isn’t worry about security risks or app compatibility because all iPhones work on iOS software. When compared to Android phones, iPhones sell at a higher value which means you get more cash in your pocket! Another vital point to consider is the reliable support that Apple offers. This brand has a strong customer support team with fast response times. Whether you have a hardware or a software issue, getting the help you need is simple.

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Areas Where Android Is Stronger

While iOS devices are fantastic options for some people, it’s not the best choice for everyone. Let us explain. Android phones are available in several shapes and sizes – more than Apple offers. They are also less expensive which is an important factor for many people. You will be able to purchase a decent phone for under $300.

A huge advantage that Android brings lies in its hardware. Individuals can find just about anything from bigger screens to a physical keyboard, or amazing battery life. They also offer more options for customization than an iPhone will. Android is very flexible, giving users the ability to customize their tablets, computers, and phones as they see fit.

A quick recap: Android phones are less expensive, offer more hardware diversity, and more freedom when it comes to customization.

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Should You Switch?

It’s easy to get tired of your current operating system, especially when you don’t enjoy some of the features it offers. Keep in mind that making this switch will take some getting used too. Users have found that it’s easier to switch from Android to iPhone than vice versa. We also want to mention that it’s important to take care of your phone regardless if it’s an Android, iPhone, or another make. These devices are not cheap, so be sure you always have a sturdy case and screen protector. You can find them almost anywhere – both at retail stores and online. Not to mention the styles, colors, and designs are endless!

Casely – an online iPhone case provider – is now offering durable cases for the iPhone XR, so there is no excuse for not having your phone protected! Protect your assets, and they will serve you for years and years.

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So, which is better: Android or iPhone? This depends solely on you! It’s usually a good idea to stick with the platform you’ve had previously, mainly because switching to iOS when you’ve been using Android for years or vice versa will require learning how to navigate the new interface. Moreover, you’ll lose access to specific apps, data, or even photo services. If this does not matter too much for you then, by all means, make the change and let us know how it worked out for you!

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