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89 Ancient Egyptian’s Jewels And The History Of Jewelry

What is jewelry

Nowadays jewelry is one of the pieces that are indispensable, but have we ever thought about the history of these jewelry and what were they called? That’s what we’ll talk about

The origin of the word

The origin of this word could be the word “jewel” meaning ” the precious object” . the word jewelry is used from a long time and now there are some other words to represent jewelry for example the word “accessory”.

Its history

Jewelry has played different roles in the Arab world as it had many different shapes and colors according to the geography and traditions of the tribes. Jewelry had an important position as the rich people are distinguished from poor by jewelry. The prevailing beliefs were different according to the social culture of every country. Some people used them as magical or religious objects while others used them as a symbol of power. In addition to their beauty, they are a symbol of high position and great rank.

Its tools

At the past jewelry was made of simple materials like branches, shells, stones, and bones. They also used linen and animal skin. Ancient Egyptians used to paint stones with a glassy materials to give them some shine.





The History of Jewellery




Ancient Egyptian’s bracelet made of stones

Their names

Jewelry had many names and descriptions in the Arab world according to its use and their place.



There were jewelry used to be put on their heads and they were called collar. They are made of pure gold with some beads to decorate the heads. Also crowns were found. They used to put simple strips of jewelry on the collar to be hanging over their forehead. There were also something similar to the crown and it looks like helmets with pendants hanging from all sides, women used to use these things to decorate their heads. There were something called ring made of red gold with something under it to protect the head. It is decorated with red, green. There were also some rings used for the hair. Usually they are ten items.


head img_fashion_diadem

head jewelry2

hesd 250px-Egyptian_Animal_Head_Diadem

head 09078056_01_l


There were lots of shapes and styles of earrings. There were rings used to be put in the corner of the nose in one side. They found a chain with a bead at the end, one part is fixed in the nose and the other side is put in hair.

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ear 6542a
ear 2306s

ear 6539a

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Women used something like belts, made of gold, tied around her waist and fixed with a small ring with shapes and sizes.



waist ancient-egyptian-jewelry1


The top part of the hand decorated with gold and beads. They are made of  golden or silver tubes.

The forearm

Women used to wear round tubes decorated with green, blue and red colors.

forearm bracelet-cobra-silver-upper-arm-OM-ARB01

forearm bracelet-spiral-silver-upper-arm-OM-ARB02

forearm 1_greek_jewelry_shop_vaphiadis_jewellery_vividly_carved_ancient_snake_bracelet

The palm

They used to wear rings named after finger’s name, like thumb.




They used to wear anklet in their feet.



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