An Intelligent Sensor to Take Care of Plants Through The iPhone

Company launched “Parrott” recently its innovative technology (Parrot Flower Power), which opens new horizons to explore and develop care products plants, and adopt this technique on the sensor wireless intelligent equipped technology “Bluetooth Smart” with the application for smart phones dedicated to help care for the plants.

And provides a “Barrett Flower Power” measure the factors affecting the growth of indoor and outdoor plants, such as sunlight, moisture, temperature, fertilizer, where the transfer of such data through technology “Bluetooth Smart” – with low power consumption – to the platform, “Parrott Claude” (Parrot Cloud) to be analyzed by a dedicated program before being sent to your smartphone or tablet computer compatible.

Thanks to provide them with a library containing thousands of plants, technology enables “Parrott Flower Power” experienced and beginner farmers to obtain all the necessary information to take care of plants, such as Jeranyum, Alvix, and tomatoes.


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