Adorable Facts You Should Know About Some Animals

Animals’ kingdom is very rich, varied an incredibly surprising. It contains countless species, each of them has certain characteristics. Many surprising facts about different animals will be revealed herein.


Ostrich is the largest flightless bird and it lays the largest eggs of any living bird. It runs faster than horses; they can reach up to 70 km/h. It is the fastest animal on two legs. Surprisingly and on the contrary to the common belief, ostrich does not hide its head in sand during attacks. Rather than that, due to its strong eyesight and hearing, it perceives predators before they do. So it lies down to the ground to see and wait; a camouflage technique. What does it actually take off running.


Bats are the only mammals which are capable of flying. Bats are not blind; bigger bats can see three times better than humans. As they hunt at night and no animal can see clearly in complete darkness; bats have an additional ability that is called echolocation. It is the usage of sound waves that bounce off objects to find out their exact location.


koala is found in coastal areas, it is native to Australia. It eats almost only eucalyptus leaves. Since the eucalyptus diet is low in calories; koalas are chiefly sedentary; they sleep up to 20 a day.


Although squirrels can recall the hiding places of approximately 10.000 nuts, they do forget. Notably millions of trees are accidently planted by squirrels hiding nuts.


Technically cows have one stomach that consists of four distinctive parts that is why people mistakenly say they have four stomachs. Each one of these parts has its role in the digestion process. The first part is where complex plant products are broke down, in the second part food is mixed with cows’ salvia and burped up again to cows’ mouth to grind it more. All the water is absorbed out of food in the third part. The fourth part is similar to human’s stomach since all food is digested here.


Like many other mammals bulls are color-blind. They do not react violently to red color exactly. It is proved through experiment that they react to other colors like blue and white equally to red. It turns out that the color itself is not the reason for their violent reaction; it’s the recurrent movement of the fabric itself.

In conclusion, there are plenty facts about animals some of them are truly astonishing and some others are mere myths.

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