Alternative Evernote client for Mac

It is difficult to find a person who doesn’t make notes on a smartphone. Commonly, the majority of users are satisfied with the functionality offered by the most popular note-taking application, Evernote. If you are an unexacting user, who just needs to make simple notes, you’ll appreciate the features of this app. Nevertheless, some users complain about the frequent crashes, poor protection of folders and external attacks. If you are one of those users, it is possible to find a good alternative which will meet your demands.

If (because of some reasons) you wish to find another solution because Evernote doesn’t meet your demands, we offer you to review its alternative – Alternote. This is a worthy note-taking software product, which will help you do quick notes with ease. You won’t lose anything if you try the features offered by this application.

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What Does Alternote Offer? 

Some users consider that both programs have similar functionality. Yes, they have one purpose – to help users make fast notes on the go, but they are different. Firstly, Alternote has a clear interface, which is not packed with extra icons and just shows the tools you really need. You don’t lose yourself in conjectures, what particular option you need at the moment.

The interface has three columns and each of them has a separate sidebar. Each sidebar comprises different views into all notes you made before. Besides, if you have a desire to prioritize some notes, you can star them. If you wish to check the list of all notes, you should open the 2nd column. Users can view their items in two forms: normal view and compact mode. The first one will show a snippet and a title, while the second one will show a title only.

If you used to write long notes in the app, there is a distraction-free mode, which helps you do this with ease. Its primary purpose is to serve the needs of those users, who wish to view long articles in a full-screen mode. The mode will hide all extra sidebars, allowing you to be focused on your article only.

If you need to check out the detailed info about the number of words in an article and how many tags you added, you should click on the left side of the window.

If you wish to quickly write down some facts at night, you can use a low-contrast mode, developed with a purpose to provide users with an opportunity to write in the dark. Besides, Alternote supports Markdown as well. This feature is quite useful for those, who used to write in RTF. As a result, Markdown helps you format your texts, add different lists and checkboxes.

What Do Keyboard Shortcuts Offer? 

We wish to add, Alternote offers a variety of keyboard shortcuts. Users can perform many different manipulations through the use of different shortcuts. Besides, it is possible to navigate the application directly from the keyboard. Otherwise stated, the tasks as creating notes, switching between various panes or tagging your folders, won’t cause any difficulties and can be performed from the keyboard. Commonly, this feature speeds up the work of users.

If you need to find a particular folder, you can do a quick search within all notes you have through the use of shortcuts. As a result, a particular mark, you wish to find, will be highlighted. Besides, it is also possible to star notes or flip between different items directly from the keyboard.


Alternote can be a decent alternative to Evernote. Some users consider that firstly, it is necessary to get accustomed to the functionality and interface of the application, but the app is lean, quick and very easy to use. You won’t face any difficulties with making simple notes. Besides, its interface is not cluttered with extra icons and unnecessary menus. The app is written in HTML masquerading and we must add that it really does its job well enough.

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