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10 Strangest Ivanka Trump’s Brand Facts


Well, there is no need to mention who Ivanka Trump is since it is quite obvious that she comes from the Trump family. Precisely, Ivanka is the daughter of the current president of the United States. Her full name is Ivanka Marie Trump and she was born in 1981 to Donald and his very first wife.


As long as she remembers, Ivanka has always been in the spotlight ever since she was a young kid. She grew up that way, so it turned out to be so easy for her to pursue a career in modelling at the age of 15; she presented more than a few fashion styles on the runway for well-recognized brands such as Thierry Mugler and Versace, besides, she also appeared in an ad campaign that was held by the famous brand, Tommy Hilfiger, and she made an appearance on the cover of the Seventeen magazine. However, it did not take Ivanka a long time before she finally decided to ditch the modelling career and, as an alternative, she pursued a degree in Business and graduated in 2004 from Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania in 2004.


She is currently a wife and a mother of three children, and currently, she is also the daughter of the president of the United states, though this position should give her a lot of advantages, it seems that she also has to deal with all the downs that come along with such positions.


Ivanka Trump has also two books that were recently in print, in addition they were part of the movement that is supporting all the businesswomen out there and encouraging women and girls of all ages to continue their education and pursue a career.


Ivanka Trump took part in the famous organization of Trump as the Executive Vice President of Acquisitions and Development at the Trump Organization, and she was responsible for some of the most prominent deals of the company. Besides, she has her own businesses; Ivamla Trump is the founder of Trump Hotels as well as being the founder of the Ivanka Trump Collection, which is a brand that offers a lot of lifestyle products for women, for she is an avid supporter for the education and empowerment of all women and girls.


Speaking of Ivanka’s own businesses, the brand that she launched, as a matter of fact, includes all of what the fashion has to offer including, handbags, glasses, clothing, shoes, jewelry, and shoes for kids as well and she has her own website that is featuring all of her products.
But then again, it seems that Ivanka’s clothing line is going through a rough patch and it does not matter whether you are a fashion guru or not, you can hardly miss that blaze that the Ivanka Trump brand has been immersed in lately. All of a sudden, her brand has disappeared from the Nordstorm website and it is no longer listed among all of the other brands, however, the exact reason for this mysterious disappearance remains unidentified, and no one is quite sure whether the boycott campaign that is presently trending on the social media has anything to do with that abrupt vanishing or not.


The campaign that is encouraging people to boycott all the businesses that has anything to do with the Trump family is called Grab Your Wallet, and since it is hard to separate your business from your political one, people started that campaign right after posting a video for Donald Trump where he offended women, so they decided to cut off all their businesses. Consequently, a lot of retailers have thrown down all of the Ivanka Trump products from their lists. It has been said that the collection of Ivanka Trump is not considered to be one of the highly performing brands among all the other brands that are currently running, besides, some sources have stated that despite the fact that the Ivanka Trump brand has been going down a spiral rapidly and hard, we might say crashing as well, and the threatening signs are surging highly, still, it is deemed to be a bit early to decide whether the brand is going to revive in the market again or it is going to disappear for good.