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All There Is To Know About Bissell Vacuum Cleaner

What could be so tough about buying a vacuum cleaner? Well, nothing… if you know which one fits best for your floor surface, material, floors, or which one is best at handling pet’s hair or stairs cleaning. If you have considered all these factors, then you are good. If no, then you came to the right page: we are going to review canister vacuums cleaners not just by evaluating technical characteristics but based on actual situations, like what fits better to remove cat’s hair or if for weirdly shaped stairs.

Let’s buckle up and find you a perfect canister vacuum cleaner.

We reviewed the Bissell vacuum cleaner as an example of a well-made model of a vacuum cleaner. When you are choosing the best canister vacuum cleaner, break down all the criteria of choice beforehand and base the solution on them.


Well, obviously, cost matters. When it comes to picking electronics, people continue to believe that the most expensive canister vacuum is the most high-quality one otherwise it wouldn’t cost that much. However, Bissell canister vacuum completely proves this theory wrong. In fact, these were middle-priced cleaners that surprised us most with their technical capacities.


Canister vacuum cleaners are known to be loud. If you like to clean the room early in the morning or late at night, it’s clearly not something you are looking for. Bissell canister vacuums, on the other hand, are equipped with flexible volume control.

 The power of suction 

It sucks when you have to do the cleaning twice because vacuum couldn’t pick up all the dust for the first time. It’s important that you can control suction and set the levels of its volume.

 Performance on different surfaces

Cleaners are used for carpets, wood, parquet – there are many options. In one room you might have a carpet, in another – a wooden floor. Hence, universality matters. Bissell has different nozzles for various surface types and is equipped with a hardwood floor brush.


Good vacuums are designed to work everywhere. In all places, at all distances. If you have a big room, the cable should be long enough to let the cleaner reach any object. And how about small slots and cracks? These are exactly the places where the most of the dust lies. Therefore, make sure your vacuum cleaner is equipped with differently-sized nozzles for difficult areas.


Cleaning after a dog or a cat is difficult. Tiny hair is everywhere, getting stuck to furniture, clothes, and carpets. You think vacuum cleaning is the best way to solve the dilemma, and it is – but not always. The thing is, not all vacuum cleaners are good at removing pet hair. It’s because they lack powerful suction, or don’t reach all the surfaces. Look for reviews with pet-tested models and read the customer feedback.

 Works for stairs 

Stairs are often the dirtiest part of the house, not only because people walk there with dirty shoes all the time but also because stairwells are tough to clean. To scrub the dirt from the stairs, you need a lightweight and easy-to-lift cleaner, with a long cable and flexible nozzle. Sadly, most models are not adapted for stair-cleaning, especially weirdly-shaped ones. When you go through reviews, look specifically whether the pricked models can handle such challenge.

 How to find the option that suits me best? 

Don’t rush into buying the cleaner. It’s not just something you buy for a month or a year, but for 5-10 years. Do preparation beforehand so when a consultant in the store approaches you, you know what questions to ask and what models to consider.

These are five takeaways which will help you to buy an actual one-of-the-best cleaner.

1 Read customer reviews

No, they are not all sponsored. Most online stores and reviewing board monitor fake reviews and delete them. Go to Amazon and read what customers have to say about the model. Don’t trust blindly everything you read though – sponsored comments exist yet.

2 See what experts have to say

Fellow-customers’ opinions are the great source of unbiased information yet most of them are not professionals in electronics. Take a look at professional canister vacuum reviews as well; you’ll be amazed how experts pay attention to things buyers never would’ve thought of!

3 Think about the size of the canister

Obviously, if you have a big house and money for an expensive model, go for the biggest one. However, it’s not what you need for a medium or small apartment. It’s okay to choose a smaller canister vacuum can; you’ll need to clean it a few times per year.

4 Don’t depend on store consultants

The purpose of the preparation is to know better than a consultant does. He or she consults customers on different types of product, and might know phone models well but be draw a blank when it comes to vacuum cleaners. You should know better.

5 If you can’t choose between two models, go for cheaper one

Don’t be fooled by a stereotype about expensive models being better ones. It’s not true. Don’t chase the cheapest options as well. It’s not something you buy for a month; it’s for years. Think of it not as of spending but as of investment.

Congrats! Now you are a vacuum cleaner guru! Go check out some reviews and decide on all the criteria. The final step is buying, of course. So good luck!