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Alexandrite Jewelry and Its Paranormal Wonders & Properties

Alexandrite stone is a fascinating and unbelievable type of gemstones. It is known to be unique for its color that changes to be red, blue or green according to the surrounding conditions such as the time in which it is worn and intensity of light that falls on it to make you feel that you have more than one piece of jewelry and not just one. The color of Alexandrite stones becomes blue or green during daytime or in sunlight and it changes to be purple or raspberry red in incandescent or artificial light thanks to the ability of the stones to absorb light. Natural Alexandrite stones are not common and can be rarely seen or found in the mines on earth. They are mainly found in US, Russia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Madagascar, India, Sri Lanka, Ceylon, Burma and Brazil and they are a combination of different chemical elements such as beryllium and chromium that rarely come together in other types of gemstones. These unique stones are named after the Great Russian warrior Alexander II and were first discovered in Ural Mountains, near Tokovaya River, Russia during the 1800’s by Nils Gustaf Nordenskiold. Alexandrite stones were used for adorning many antique Russian and Victorian ornaments and they are still used till now.


Jewelry pieces which are encrusted with Alexandrite stones can be easily differentiated from other pieces of jewelry which are adorned with other types of gemstones that have the same colors of Alexandrite stones. You can find Alexandrite stones in different pieces of jewelry such as necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants and other pieces of jewelry that you wear to increase your beauty and elegance on different occasions.

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A source of luck & more

Alexandrite stones are not just unique gemstones that are really catchy and fabulous as they are also believed to have metaphysical properties, to be auspicious stones that bring luck to their wearers, help them to make the right decisions and choices, allow them to solve their problems, inspire them and make them more creative, increase their self-confidence and self-esteem, make them emotionally balanced, increase their happiness and are also believed to have medicinal properties such as assisting in treating leukemia and swollen lymph nodes. All of these unique features that can be rarely found in other types of precious and semi-precious stones make the Alexandrite stones more expensive than emerald, sapphire, ruby, even diamonds and other types of precious stones that are known to be expensive and valuable. Alexandrite stones are also sought after by many women who prefer wearing unique pieces of jewelry that have such features. Alexandrite is the birthstone for the month of June.


Because natural Alexandrite stones are rare and difficult to be found for being purchased, there are synthetic Alexandrite stones that are made through growing the crystals of Alexandrite inside a lab via a special process that is known as the floating zone method. Producing synthetic Alexandrite stones will increase the amount of jewelry pieces that are encrusted with Alexandrite to be cheaper and more affordable than the natural Alexandrite stones that are rarely found in the mines on earth.


The price of the most common Alexandrite stones ranges from $220 to $250 per carat. Alexandrite stones which are small in their size and are less than 1 carat are very expensive to the extent that they are higher in their price than diamonds.

All of these unique features make these Alexandrite stones sought after by both men and women

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