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Dolphin Request Assistance: After Wrapping Around Fin Fishing Hook

Dolphins are the smartest animals in nature as it possesses its own language to communicate with each other and also dazzled the human ability to help, there Dolphin has suffered wrap hook fishing on fin, making it unable to move freely and feel pain and this dolphin intelligent when he sensed the presence of some divers near him in the ocean who were exploring the depths of the sea and enjoy the beauty that abounds in him, dolphin swam despite professions towards divers to ask them help to Akhalsou of Trolling.

After that swam dolphin hand Akhawachin began to approach them and spin around until he stood before one divers show him rope Trolling cabbage on Zaanafth and when did not notice diver first time wrapped dolphin and then returned to it again to call him and what that summoned the attention of properties even stop quietly and patiently until his loose rope and diver said: It was apparently the Dolphins and if ask for help, but I was afraid to have penetrated his body cord Vajerha more so looked him first.

After checking the diver hit the dolphin out his knife to cut the rope and despite the fact that dolphins could have been afraid of tool may wounding him, but he learned that the diver would not hurt so stop him calmly to save him from Trolling and when deflate the lungs swam hand surface and then returned to the hunter again to be able to solve rope Trolling about Zaanafth and but left Ras Trolling because it was instilled in his flesh and dolphin swam away after he was rescued.

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