Advertising Lies; We’ve all been Fed Up With

Advertising is an important form of marketing; a means to attract the audience towards a specific product, service or even an idea. Theoretically, it is believed that all advertisements tend to sell illusions, moreover we’ve all been fed up with some advertising lies.

Playing with numbers and statistics is a blatant lie in advertising world. For instance “x” shampoo is number one around the world or “y” toothpaste is recommended by nine out of ten dentists. The frequent display of these kinds of advertisements create a subtle belief in people’s subconscious that this product is nothing but the best.

Appearance versus reality, or to be specific, appearance is not necessarily a reality reflection; it is another advertising cunning policy. For example, junk food advertisements are a real embodiment of that. As if it is not enough that we’re eating “junk” food it is further manipulated when it comes to marketing. As a result a whole industry of food styling sprang up. An industry that is dedicated to make food looks better way than it really does.

Creating brand loyal customers has proved to be really effective advertising approach; through insinuating that brands are a guarantee of good quality. Thus people would go for it blindly; accepting a new product or a product of unpopular brand would be impossibility.

Another technique is linking shopping to have good mood, stress relieving and feel better in general. So shopping is manipulated from being an action of purchasing goods to a remedy for bad times. The same technique is used with single products not only the whole process of shopping. For example, an advertisement slogan for chocolate says “taste happiness” another one for chips potatoes “share your joy” and so on so forth.

Lower prices, sales and offers give the customer a great feeling of being the mastermind and the opportunity seizing person. For instance “now in a lower price”, “10% more” and “100 $ only after the big sale” are all examples of advertising slogans that drive customers out of their minds, they buy things that they don’t really need, maybe they don’t have the money for it and they go to the extreme and sleep by the malls doors waiting for the sales launching.

The advertising faces and stars are another crucial component that completes the advertisement illusion. It has exceeded the extraordinary models that resemble a magician’s sweet assistants to well-known celebrities. The audience would go for “x” or “y” shampoo only because it has Ronaldo’s carte blanche.

Indeed there are lots of advertising ideas some of them are really creative and catchy; others are not and some exaggerate the glow and the illusion part.


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