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The Most Adorable Makeup Looks for Kids

Searching for adorable makeup for kids? There’s no harm in accentuating your daughter’s beauty with some touches of cute makeup on special occasions or family gatherings.

It would be a great activity for her to feel special on that day, nothing too bold or too colorful, no dramatic eye makeup either, just a few elegant touches for the sophistication of the event, if that’s what you are after, we will share with you below some of the most girlish and most straightforward looks, we will also share some creative ideas of Halloween makeup for kids and some extra tips on skincare and how to apply makeup on your child.

Use Makeup Products for Kids

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makeup kit for kids

Suppose your little princess enjoys trying out new looks and experimenting with colors and products. In that case, you can help her develop this skill by purchasing a makeup kit for kids. These kits are designed to provide additional safety levels for children, and they differ from regular makeup in many ways, including:- 

  • They are BPA-free, making them safer.
  • They are easy to wash.
  • The colors aren’t overpowering; they provide a subtle touch
  • The majority of the kits include everything your girl needs to doll up in front of the mirror.
  • Most kits come in all adornments your girl needs to doll herself up in front of the mirror.
  • You can apply makeup on your kids with these play kits for daytime or family events; they won’t be suitable for celebrations like Halloween.

How to Apply Makeup on your Kid

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Whether it was for a stage performance or a special occasion, there are some steps you must take to ensure the perfection of the look on one hand and the safety of your child’s skin on the other.

Especially given how sensitive children’s skin is and how susceptible it could be to the adverse effects of such products.

How to prep your child’s skin before putting makeup on:-

It’s crucial not to neglect skin prep before wearing makeup, just as you wouldn’t for yourself.

  • Cleanse the skin thoroughly using a suitable facial wash for children or sensitive skin.
  • After washing, moisturize with lotion or alcohol-free toner to protect the skin and help sustain the look for as long as possible.
  • Wait a couple of minutes before proceeding with doing the makeup for the moisturizer to soak in.
  • To get a realistic look, use a beauty blender to evenly cover the whole region of the face, neck, and hairline with the foundation suited for your daughter’s skin tone, especially for sensitive skin.
  • Apply creamy blush in proportion to the quantity of light your daughter will be exposed to, and if the concealer is required to mask certain discolorations, do so now.
  • Apply a thin coating of translucent powder to the previous steps with a full and soft brush or a baking sponge to help decrease shininess and maintain the look for longer.
  • Highlight the eyes, choose colors that complement her style, and combine different shades to add more depth.
  • Fill in the brows to draw attention to them and connect the whole look together.
  • For a princess-like appearance, add some small self-adhesive gems to the forehead or the sides of the cheeks and under the eyebrows.
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kids makeup

Easy Halloween Makeup Looks for kids

Most appropriate children’s makeup looks for kids are animal and cartoon characters themes, especially if we talk about your little princess. She wants to capture all hearts with her ultimate cuteness at all times.

This Halloween, you can try one of our cute and easy-to-do makeup tutorials to turn your little one into his favorite wild animal or scary character.

Lion makeup tutorial

Lion themes are appropriate for young boys who are not big fans of terrifying figures and want to appear charming and convincing. With only a few touches from a non-toxic facial coloring kit for kids, you can help your child get into character and enjoy the day.

Vampire Makeup Tutorial for Halloween

The primary and most popular look for children of all ages and genders is the vampire look. It’s also effortless to make with just a few colors, and you can create countless different vampire looks by tweaking some steps along the tutorial to match your child’s personality and preferences as well as his Halloween costume.

Zombie Skeleton Halloween Makeup for kids

Using only black and white, you can create the most convincing Halloween look for your kid in a matter of a few minutes; these skeleton zombie Halloween makeup looks for kids will be most impactful in the darkness when your child is out for trick or treating.


Dragon Face Painting Halloween Look for Kids

If you’ve tried some of the most popular Halloween makeup looks or want something different for your child to stand out on Halloween night, try dragon face painting. 

It has so many details yet is easy to follow. It will be perfect for boys or girls following the same steps. You can draw it all over the face or just on one side, depending on your child’s custom and age.

Unicorn Halloween Makeup for kids

All girls adore unicorns due to their vibrant colors and glistening horns. Fortunately, this style is highly adaptable; you can go for the frightening side by adding more touches of red for blood where the horn protrudes, or you can go for the gorgeous cuteness of purple, white, and pink with a bit of sparkling glitter for the added shine.

Last-Minute Halloween Looks for Kids

Suppose you haven’t had enough time to plan and prepare for your child’s Halloween. In that case, you can still make them enjoy the excitement of the day by giving them one of these four last-minute Halloween looks, which require minimal tools and only a few minutes to complete. All of the looks are suitable for both boys and girls, and you can mix and match them to make them so compelling and convincing.


Makeup is not recommended for children; it just has too many negative side effects on their delicate skin that you can’t easily combat by cleansing and moisturizing. However, makeup play kits for kids is a great way to improve their creativity and invention; they are also made up of generally safe materials; you will need to keep an eye on your child around these products, though, and keep applying makeup to your child’s skin to the minimum only when required.  

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