Tips for Admission Essays from College Experts

Tell me about yourself. This the main requirement for any admission essay written in the US and UK. But what does it actually mean? What do universities mean under presenting yourself? Personal qualities? Academic grades? Interests? Hobbies? Future plans? Or maybe something else?

The requirement of presenting an essay is the most confusing one for the students. Probably you’re struggling with your own admission writing as well. But the problem is that students are not interested in the way they should present an essay. Instead, they are interested in which way they can impress the admission officers. And that’s not right, as you have to show yourself, but not impress the admissions. How to do it? Luckily, you have two options here. The fast one is to apply to a professional writing service for an admission writing assistance. And the longer path is to compose an essay yourself, following our recommendations below.

What to choose? Everything is up to you, and depends on the time you have before submitting an application.

What Is a Successful Application Essay?

A successful admission essay shows your personality in the way, which is interesting not only for you but for the readers as well. An admission committee should see you as an individual through your writing only. They should remember and highlight your application among hundreds of similar ones. How to achieve this? Learn to be passionate about what you’re writing. You have to be certain about every part of your application while reading it.

And here’s what you should include.

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  • Write about significant events in your life. Don’t confuse significant events with the ones related to your academic achievements. You can write either about your success or failure. It doesn’t matter a lot. What really matters is to show what you’ve learned from that event. How did it influence your personal growth? Highlight one or two things, which you’ve learned from it and that are going to help you in life in general and at college or uni particularly.
  • Write about yourself objectively. How? Create two lists. One of the personal features you think you have, and the second list with the features, which other people see in you. Compare them, highlight those you want to mention in your essay, and build your description around them.
  • Think about your essay as the movie trailer, which consists of the most interesting and intriguing scenes from the whole film. That is what you want to achieve with your application essay. It should be interesting, informative, and intriguing at the same time. As the movie trailer presents the highlights of the plot, the same way your essay should present the highlights of your life and your inner world. Don’t tell the entire story of your life in a 400-word essay. You won’t be able to do that effectively. Instead, pick only the most meaningful moments from your point of view.
  • Try not to write something, which has been written already a million times by other students. We understand that it is difficult to find something very unique or to write in a very specific way to stand out with your essay. So, what we recommend is writing in your own way. There is nothing more unique than being yourself. Just be honest and authentic. Write in the way you are. Pick a conversational tone instead of the academic words, the meaning of which you don’t understand. Do you make jokes a lot? Then, add a little bit of humor to your essay as well. Don’t be afraid to write about the smallest events if they’re important to you, and make you who you are today.
  • Don’t write what you have accomplished. Instead, write how what you did have influenced your life and decisions. Pay special attention to the decision to apply to that specific program and university.
  • Get to know the college or uni you’re applying to. To be able to explain your decision to become a student of that particular place, you need to know at least something about it. Make sure that you tell a few words about why that particular college, and not any other college in the country, is meaningful for you. Be specific.
  • Check your essay. If your essay contains more than a few grammatical errors, this means you’re not too serious about it. This is a sign that you don’t care whether the commission will like it or not. So, always revise and edit your essay before submitting it. If you have a chance, give it to someone else to help you with proofreading.

That’s all for writing an admission essay for a college or university. We hope, our tips will make it easier for you to stand out from the crowd and achieve a great result with your application.


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