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10 Accessories Every Man Should Own

Men have always sported their looks with certain embellishments to accentuate their overall appearance. The idea behind it is to not only differentiate themselves from the next guy, but to add that flair, style, and panache to make them stand out in a crowd. After all, nobody wants to blend in and fade away! Recently, trends have shown that global sales growth for men outstrip those of women when it comes to the fashion industry. Indeed, technology has made it increasingly convenient to keep up with the latest trends, follow style gurus, and stay fashionable. However, it is fairly easy to get confused with so much going on. Does merely “shopping the look” guarantee the same suave as your fashion icon? We think not.

So what do you do?

First off, it is essential to recognize that sartorial elegance doesn’t just come from designer clothes or religiously following whatever is in vogue. Instead, it is aligned with acknowledging an individual uniqueness that uplifts your everyday outfit and allows you to eschew from a basic look. From the subtle accouterments to the essential items in daily wear, you need to own a few accessories that speak to your individuality.

Following is a list of accessories that every man should own to send a message that they put some thought into their outfit of the day. These must-haves will help you highlight your daily look while maintaining a definite authenticity about who you are and how you dress. Most importantly, they form the foundation of any classic look for a true gentleman. Always remember, the devil is in the details!

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1 A Statement Watch

A timepiece speaks for itself. It is the piece de resistance that completes any and every look. It is, quite frankly, indispensable. From a classic leather strap to a president bracelet, a chronograph to an automatic dial, a good watch is an investment. It is one of those things that is passed down through generations. So it is crucial that you spend on a watch you truly see yourself wearing and loving. While a watch can be heavy on the pocket, there are cheaper alternatives such as buying a pre-owned Rolex that can come in handy. And don’t worry, the tradition of wearing a wristwatch to complete your look has survived for hundreds of years, and it’s not going away for the foreseeable future. So better start thinking about what design you prefer and flaunt it the next time you step out!

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2 A Pair of Sunglasses

While a pair of sunglasses helps protect against the sun, it is an item that can make or break your look. A stylish pair of sunglasses that compliments your face cut can make all the difference in the world. We realize that every man aims for the Tom Cruise Top Gun look, but it is important to get a pair that really works for you. The key is to consider your face shape before buying sunglasses. And remember to keep it simple; black, brown or tortoiseshell frames are the way to go. Unless, of course, you decide on those iconic gold rimmed Aviators.

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3 A Leather Belt

Nothing is bolder than a leather belt. It is that versatile accessory that adds a certain pizzazz to how you carry yourself, and your trousers. A good belt can be a timeless item in your wardrobe, so it’s best to stick to the minimalist approach when buying one. Go for solid colors like black or brown and try matching them with your shoes whenever possible. And gentlemen, remember, quality is everything! Never spend on a cheap leather belt just to save a few bucks. Go for something with a sleek and subtle buckle that feels comfortable to handle. Importantly, remember to wear a belt according to the occasion.

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4 A Collection of Ties

A tie has the power to give you that self-assured debonair appeal of a sophisticated, strong-headed man. It is no wonder that it is always featured in every list that accounts for things a man should own. When investing in ties, be mindful of its proportions, stitching, and the fabric. Whether it’s silk, woolen or knitted ties, choose one that adds character to your look depending on what you’re going for. It’s important to own something for different occasions. Last but not least, the tie knot makes all the difference in the world. So hit up some tutorials to master the Windsor Knot and make an impression!

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5 Pocket squares

An intelligently matched pocket square is a mood. It exudes just the right balance between confidence and pomp. In fact, the entire etiquette of a blazer is defined by how stylishly a little piece of cloth rests on it. After all, the size was never a measure of worth. While we have become used to the elegant Don Draper effortlessly carrying the eternal look of a white pocket square, there are certain pocket square rules that you ought to know if you are venturing beyond that.

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6 Cufflinks

A pair of cufflinks is that functional accessory that finishes off a look with a grace unparalleled by any other item in a man’s wardrobe. It is a gentleman’s accessory, and signals towards a cultured, refined and polished man who knows his business. While they may come in many different styles and designs, rest assured, you can never go wrong with sterling silver cufflinks when it comes to expressing yourself.

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7 A Scarf

A scarf around the neck, whether solemnly tucked away between the coat, or seamlessly allowed to hang by the sides, is luxury personified for any gentleman. A scarf is an accessory that adds the often sought richness and gravitas to the way a gentleman carries a look. While the tartan is one of the most famous design patterns for a man’s scarf, don’t shy away from a high-quality cashmere or wool scarf to add personality to your daily outfit.   And don’t worry, you don’t need an occasion to wear a scarf. Rock it daily during the cold winter or spruce up your formal and semi-formal nights by choosing a scarf to add a hint of color to your ensemble.

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8 A Leather Wallet

Few are the things that indicate a well-groomed man and a sturdy, leather wallet is definitely one of them. Apart from its utilitarian purpose, a fancy wallet signifies superior taste and a predilection for the finer things in life. While it’s recommended to keep to the basic black and brown calfskin leather, swaying from the norm to opt for a grey or blue in cowhide is an ode to style icons of the centuries. When it comes to a handsome wallet, look at functionality, the leather, and its lining, and of course, never discount the dimensions.

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9 Socks

One of the most understated dress items, a pair of socks is an accessory that can lend the other person a glimpse of your eccentric, quirky side. But be sure always to let them catch just a glimpse – you don’t want to overdo it. While most men may stick to the basic black and blue, the truly stylish man will spare a thought or two before choosing the right pair for the occasion. Distinguish yourself from the average Joe by adding color, pattern, and design to your socks. After all, a Harvard study actually found that wearing bright colored socks may be a marker of success.

Style and Success with Socks? Coincidence? We think not.

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10 A piece of Jewellery

A piece of bespoke jewelry, from a signature ring on your pinky to a slender silver bracelet, can veritably add charm and charisma to your look. In fact, it was on a list of the essential items that men should own as of 2019. You may opt for a conservative ring with a stone, or a simple gold or silver chain, but remember not to overdo it. Usually, a single piece will radiate boldness, while a cluster of rings or bracelets will just look tacky.

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So what accessory are you buying next time you visit the mall?

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