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Best Ways for Accessories Care

Accessories are used more than jewelry itself. It is used more as it is more practical and it has many shapes and types that increase your beauty.

1-Accessories are not suitable to be put in water as most are made of copper in order not to lose their brightness and not to be exposed to rust.

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2- As for the accessories made of gemstones, you can clean them using a wet towel to polish it, and then dry the stone before wearing it, because there are some stones that soak up water quickly and this exposes the gem to damage.

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3- Silver is used at a wide range in the world as it has a traditional magic taste. To keep it bright you have only to polish it with a wet piece of cloth and small drops of lemon juice. It should be a woolen cloth to help more in cleaning the silver ring or anything you want to clean. It shouldn’t be left in the open air or in direct sun for long times because it can easily lose its shiny look. Humidity and sun are the only direct enemies for silver.

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4- Most women prefer to wear gold especially in evening parties. If you want to polish your golden objects you should go to the jewelry store to clean it and to keep it in a velvet box to preserve it.
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5- Golden and leather accessories are common this year it could have some simple shapes. Accessories like this should be kept in separate plastic bags and don’t leave them in a humid open place for long times in order not to be damaged quickly. For the wooden accessories, you should keep them away from cold places like keeping them next to the air conditioner in order not be cracked.

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