Abdominals Fat

1- When some of us think about losing weight and start to make plans for that, there is one thing that always cause worry for many of us, it is abdominal fat and how we get rid of it.

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2- There are so many products that make people believe that it helps to get quick results in reducing abdominal fat but that isn’t true. All these products do is burning your money not your fats and they harm your body. When we see an advertisement about any abdominal fat product, all we will find is making certain claims about the product.

3- Don’t make excuses or blame anyone or on something else like genetics or lifestyle factors for the shape of your body that you are in right now as it is from only your doings, it’s a result of the choices that you made till now.

4- Stress causes cortisol release that has been scientifically linked to abdominal body fat, therefore, stress causes belly fat. And that is the point that is used by the owners of these products to cheat poor people saying that “our product contains ingredients that have a calming effect and reduce stress.” there’s a scientifically proven correlation between the stress hormone cortisol and intra-abdominal body fat. But that doesn’t mean taking a pill that suppresses cortisol will remove body fat that is already deposited. It takes a calorie deficit through proper diet and exercise to do that. Take all the pills you want and suppress cortisol all you want, but if you are eating more than you’re burning, you’re going to keep gaining even more body fat.

5- People always choose the easy way, if you’re under a lot of stress, you don’t need a magic pill to suppress the cortisol produced by the stress all you need is reducing stress. You can follow a stress reduction program that could include yoga, deep breathing exercises, vacation time and high quality sleep.

6- If you want to reduce the amount of fats in your body, you must follow a training program, but be careful as much of what we do in bodybuilding for cosmetic goals and building muscle mass is different from what athletes do in their training for performance and function goals.

7- A common bodybuilder mistake is training for your ego and being only interested in how much you can lift. The right thing is in bodybuilding, we are not judged on performance, but we are judged on form or looks. It doesn’t matter how much you lift, how fast you run, but the main purpose is to look better.

8- Another thing you must take care of it while training to gain muscles with machines is making perfect balance. Don’t overuse the machine in one area of your body.

9- There are some of abdominal exercises that you can follow to get better results: Crunches with all its various types, kneeling cable rope crunch, twisting crunch, Side crunch, hanging knee-ups from ab slings, hanging leg raises from ab slings and Hip lift.

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 FREE Download (All The Guide) .. LIMITED OFFER!

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