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Editorial A2 Hosting Review:

Clients of A2 Hosting always get ‘something more’. This web hosting site prides itself in providing the most stable of the latest technologies available and through that remains focused on their primary goal; satisfying their customer’s needs.

Uniqueness comes in the form of ‘Guru Crew Hosting Support’ and ‘Server Rewind’. Focus on research and development of their hosting services has been the hallmark of A2Hosting, leading them from strength to strength.



A2Hosting Features:

Given below are the features that differentiate this particular hosting site from the thousands of competitors:

* Testimonials: A2 Hosting actually listens to their customers and uses the feedback provided by them to improve services. They have recently partnered with RatePoint whereby future customers have access to A2Hosting reviews by existing customers. A recent customer survey suggests 97% of people using the site would also recommend to friends and family, underscoring the great experience available to A2 Hosting users!
* Guru Crew Support: The name given to A2 Hosting’s dedicated team of customer service personnel. The support is friendly, patient as well as knowledgeable and is available in equal measure for expert assistance or for basic help.
* Host-Guard Server Monitor: Swift issue resolution is ensured with this system, which is available in every A2 Hosting server. This hands free monitoring of software, network and server problems is managed by the Guru Crew.
* Perpetual Security: A proactive system locks down A2 Hosting servers to various degrees as soon as a threat is perceived. The resources used include Brute Force Defence and Server Hardening.
* Server Rewind: This system automatically backs up data every few hours from the site as well as the server. What this
obviously means is that in case of a ‘crash’, almost immediate recovery is available through accessing the most recent backup snapshot.
* Social Responsibility: A2 Hosting has supported a number of social causes and promotes a number of green friendly practices to ensure a better environment.
* Uptime Guarantee: Customer surveys as well as their own monitoring service so far have indicated that A2 Hosting is actually keeping their word on the 99.9% uptime promise.
* Developer Friendly: Databases, cron jobs, support for Linux scripting and the like are popular features readily available on A2 Hosting.



Other A2 Hosting Features:

Like other web hosting sites, A2 Hosting offers unlimited disk space, data transfer, number of domains as well as email accounts. There are no hidden fees or contracts and setup is free, with the 30 day money back guarantee similar to that offered by many competitors. In addition, there is free site transfer to those clients moving from another hosting site, with $ 25.00 transfer credit. Pay per click ad credits total $ 145.00 and there is free ‘one click’ blogs and forums! Just check out the discounted monthly charges on the A2 Hosting website for the most suitable plan for your needs. With all the above plus PHP5, MySQL5, PostgreSQL8, RoR and a host of other technologies available here, I see no reason at all for you not to join the A2 Hosting family!


A2Hosting Coupon:

A2Hosting.com will provide discount coupons or Special Codes on its hosting plans. Click on the “View Coupon Code” button below to determine if A2Hosting coupon code is currently available.

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